24 hours in Mae Hong Son, Thailand

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24 hours in Mae Hong Son, Thailand
Mae Hong Son province, a mountainous and picturesque region found in northern Thailand bordering Myanmar (Burma), may be sparsely populated. However, its ethnically diverse communities, cultural landmarks, and gorgeous natural attractions combined make it worth a visit.

  • Explore morning market

    Explore morning marketExplore morning market

    Mae Hong Son's morning market is a fun place to have breakfast. Several vendors at the northern end of the market sell unusual fare such as “tòo·a poo ùn”, a Burmese noodle dish supplemented with thick split pea porridge and deep-fried 'Burmese tofu'.

    Other vendors along the same strip sell a local version of “kà·nŏm jeen nám ngée·o” (thin rice noodles served with a pork- and tomato-based broth) often topped with “kàhng þòrng”, a Shan snack of battered-and-deep-fried vegetables.

  • Visit Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu

    Visit Wat Phra That Doi Kong MuVisit Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu

    If you want to feel you are been transported to another world, make the half-hour trek to the top of Doi Kong Mu. Two enormous Burmese-style lion statues greet you at the foot of the overgrown staircase to the top. Visitors climb through a forest to reach the hilltop monastery of Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu. There, visitors find two Burmese chedis and can gaze out over the surrounding countryside from 250 m up. At night, the chedis are lit and can be seen from the town.

  • Take a rest at Little Good Things

    Take a rest at Little Good ThingsTake a rest at Little Good Things

    If you are in need of a break from sightseeing make a stop at Little Good Things. This vegan restaurant and coffee shop offers delicious healthy food at cheap prices. A few local souvenirs are also on sale in this cute homestyle cafe, located in a traditional wooden house.

  • Visit Pha Bong Hot Springs

    Visit Pha Bong Hot SpringsVisit Pha Bong Hot Springs

    Eleven kilometres south of the capital in the Shan village of Pha Bong is this public park with hot springs. You can take a private bath or rent a room, and there is also massage (per hour 150B). The springs can be reached on any southbound bus.

  • Discover the Ban Rak Thai

    Discover the Ban Rak ThaiDiscover the Ban Rak Thai

    For an adventure outside of town, drive to Ban Rak Thai, also known as Mae Aw, a beautiful tea-growing village and settlement of former Kuo Ming Tang fighters from Yunnan Province in China. Ban Rak Thai is a picturesque town located around a lake, with mudbrick houses and plenty of tea tasting opportunities.

  • Go shopping for handicrafts

    Go shopping for handicraftsGo shopping for handicrafts

    Mae Hong Son offers a number of good places where you can find handmade items, especially those made by the local here. A fun place to stroll around looking for bargains is the night market close to Jom Kham lake. This is also a good place to try some local Shan food.

    There are lots of souvenir shops in town. Some of the attractive items for sale here include silverware, gems, woodcarvings and handmade hill tribe products like bags, necklaces, dolls and clothing. Always use caution when buying expensive items like gems and antiques, and keep in mind that for some antiques an export permission is required.

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