5 luxurious dishes only in Dubai

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5 luxurious dishes only in Dubai
Dubai is known as a home of unique and glorious skyscrapers, a beautiful water fountain and 3 artificial islands - Palm islands. Moreover, it is also a place of gathering luxurious dishes for the rich.

  • 1. DME Sandwich - $84

    1. DME Sandwich - $841. DME Sandwich - $84

    Surprisingly, the most expensive sandwich in Dubai has very few ingredients in it. It's the quality of the ingredients themselves that make it insanely expensive. The sandwich's insides consist of a little bit of salt, some butter, some thinly sliced black Perigord truffles and two slices of bread.

  • 2. DME Pizza - $204,2

    2. DME Pizza - $204,22. DME Pizza - $204,2

    Royal Pizza, the name of the pizza created in the uber-elegant Dubai restaurant Pierchic, was originally intended as a one-time pizza. The ingredients include white Italian truffles, black Perigord truffles, French foie gras, Mongra saffron from Kashmir, Beluga caviar soaked in Dom Perignon, Japanese matsutake mushrooms and two full ounces of gold leaves.

  • 3. DME Ice Cream - $817

    3. DME Ice Cream - $8173. DME Ice Cream - $817

    This ice cream sundae, called The Black Diamond is just another opulent win on Dubai's scoreboard. With $817, you will get one scoop of Madagascan vanilla ice cream infused with a rare and expensive Iranian saffron and black Italian truffles.

  • 4. DME Cupcake - $1,007

    4. DME Cupcake - $1,0074. DME Cupcake - $1,007

    A cupcake named Golden Phoenix is decorated with 23-carat gold pieces that can be eaten in Italian chocolate. This cupcake is contained vanilla beans and strawberries dipped in edible gold as well. This mouthpiece is served at Bloomsbury mall, Dubai. 24-carat Villari adorns baked cookies using vanilla Uganda premium beans and Amedei Porcelana top-grade chocolate.

  • 5. DME Cocktail - $7,438

    5. DME Cocktail - $7,4385. DME Cocktail - $7,438

    You must be thinking, "Please tell us how much edible gold is in this cocktail" Surprisingly, there's none. The cocktail is made with Macallan 55-year-old single malt, self-prepared bitters, homemade passion fruit sugar, then topped off with ice cubes made of water from the Macallan distillery in Scotland. The drink even comes with a stirrer made from one of the oak casks.

    Served at the Skyview Bar of the Burj Al Arab hotel, the cocktail is known as the "27.321" (due to the drink being served on the 27th floor and the building itself being 321 meters tall) comes served in an 18-carat gold glass that officially belongs to the customer once purchased.

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