5 outdoor activities to try in South Korea

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5 outdoor activities to try in South Korea
No trip to Korea is complete without trying these outdoor activities, from cycling through the countryside to skiing down winter slopes. South Korea is the perfect destination for you to embark on an “active” holiday.

  • Cycling


    Did you know that Korea has more than 1,500 miles of dedicated cycling paths canvassing the country that bring you past beautiful sights and away from heavy traffic? With multiple scenic bike trails like The Four Rivers Trail (630 km long, from Incheon to Busan) and the Han River Trail (80 km long, along the Han River), as well as bike sharing apps like Seoul Bike, Korea is one of the most cyclist-friendly countries in Asia.

    You can even explore popular tourist destinations like Jeju Island on a bike! The Jeju Bike Path is a 244 km trail that will take the rider along the perimeter of the island and past landmarks like Hyeopjae Beach, Songaksan Mountain and the Jeongbang Waterfall. A relatively leisurely and flat trail with countless of pit-stops along the island, the Jeju Bike Path is perfect for beginner cyclists looking to explore this utopic island.

  • Running


    With its cool weather, Korea is the perfect place for you to kickstart your day with a morning jog. Just waking up an hour or two before you begin your sightseeing activities for the day, will not only allow you to explore more of the vicinity but also get you energised and raring to go!

    If you really want to get into the thick of Korea’s running culture, you can even set your sights a little farther. Seoul is home to the Seoul (International) Marathon, the second oldest marathon event in the world (second only to the Boston Marathon) and the oldest marathon continuously held in Asia. For more casual runners, there is also the Jeju MBC International Peace Marathon, which will take you along the scenic Jeju Island coast and with the cooling ocean breeze running through your hair.

  • Hiking


    With 70 percent of its landscape comprising of mountains, South Korea is a hiker’s dream. From the largest national park in Jirisan to Munjangdae at 1,054 metres high in the clouds, Korea is a treasure trove of sights and trails for hikers, of all abilities.

    While Jeju Island is a popular tourist destination amongst travellers, few know of the scenic Hallasan trail that is perfect if you want to get on your feet and burn off some calories. For nature lovers, the Jeju Hallasan & Olle Trail Tour will be perfect for you, which will take you to the peak of Hallasan at 1,950 metres high for unparalleled views of the island.

    In addition, this tour features a trip to the Dongmun Traditional Market, where you can find a wide range of Korean snacks at cheap prices – perfect for refuelling after your long hike. Famous for their fresh seafood, the small octopus and mackerel are a must-try at this market as well!

  • Water Sports

    Water SportsWater Sports

    Speaking of Jeju Island, which is famed for its beautiful and pristine beaches, Korea is the perfect destination for you to engage in some water sports! Engage your core and challenge yourself to some kitesurfing, stand-up paddleboarding and even parasailing!

    You can even try your hand at kayaking – in a transparent kayak boat! Admire the azure blue waters through your boat as you paddle, or if you’re feeling lazy, you can hop on a submarine tour to explore the rest of Jeju’s waters.

  • Skiing


    Following the Winter Olympic Games in 2018, Pyeongchang has skyrocketed in popularity as a winter holiday destination. From the slopes at Phoenix Snow Park to ski resorts like Alpensia Ski Resort and Yongpyong Ski Resort, travellers flock to Korea in the winter for their resorts, that cater to a wide range of ages and skill levels.

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