5 snow festivals to attend in Japan

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5 snow festivals to attend in Japan
When winter comes, tourists all around the world start flocking to Japan for various reasons: to go skiing, to take a bath in onsen towns or to attend snow festivals. Many snow festivals take place during winter, and these 5 below are the most popular ones.

  • Sapporo Snow Festival

    Sapporo Snow FestivalSapporo Snow Festival

    The Sapporo Snow Festival is held during one week every February in Hokkaido's capital Sapporo. It is one of Japan's most popular winter events, featuring spectacular snow and ice sculptures. Some of the festival's sites also offer other forms of entertainment like snow slides and snow rafting.

  • Otaru Snow Light Path

    Otaru Snow Light PathOtaru Snow Light Path

    This festival is held for ten days every February in Otaru, during which the city becomes decorated in lights and small snow statues. The combination of the snowy town and the glittering lanterns creates a very pleasant and romantic atmosphere.

  • Asahikawa Winter Festival

    Asahikawa Winter FestivalAsahikawa Winter Festival

    The Asahikawa Winter Festival takes place over a week in early February, exhibiting the biggest snow sculpture in Japan. Other attractions found at the festival include an ice sculpture competition, snow slides and snowmobile rides.

  • Tokamachi Snow Festival

    Tokamachi Snow FestivalTokamachi Snow Festival

    The Tokamachi Snow Festival is held annually for three days surrounding the third Saturday of February in Tokamachi, a city in that experiences one of the highest snowfall rates in Japan. Visitors can enjoy many snow sculptures, snow slides and festival stalls.

  • Yokote Kamakura Festival

    Yokote Kamakura FestivalYokote Kamakura Festival

    The Yokote Kamakura Festival is held every year on February 15 and 16 in the city of Yokote in southeastern Akita Prefecture. The festival features many igloo-like snow houses, called kamakura, which are built at various locations across the city. Children invite visitors into their kamakura and offer them rice cakes and amazake, a type of warm sweet rice wine with zero or very low alcohol content.

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