5 traditional activities during Tet holiday for families

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5 traditional activities during Tet holiday for families
In Vietnam, Tet is an important occasion for families to gather and do activities together. Below are the top five most preferable Tet’s activities Vietnamese people often do with family.

  • Watching firework

    Watching fireworkWatching firework

    Fireworks shooting to celebrate the New Year is a yearly event expected by any Vietnamese. The show of light is organized everywhere in Vietnam.

    The sparkling art show on the sky along with the booming echoes of every shots make everyone’s hearts pump faster and get more excited to welcome the New Year. What would be cozier than family members enjoying the night under the merry atmosphere together?

  • Family parties

    Family parties Family parties

    Parties full of delicious traditional dishes are the main theme for the whole holiday of Tet. From the last day of the year, family members start gathering to enjoy “Tất Niên” Meal (the last meal of a Lunar New Year) to share their stories and experiences gained throughout the year. Not only that, the parties are also time to review family’s tradition, show respect to elders and strengthen relationships between members.

    During Tet, family parties can start anytime as there is not any exact time table for them besides the three main meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner. A party may begin when relatives or friends come to visit the host’s home at any time since foods and drink are always prepared beforehand during Tet.

  • New Year’s greetings

    New Year’s greetingsNew Year’s greetings

    From the first day of the year, Vietnamese start going around to greet their relatives and friends with their best wishes. The order of people to be greeted is usually relatives first and then friends and colleagues.

    Elders’ house would be the first destinations in which parents’ house is the very first one. This custom is not simply exchanging wishes between guests and hosts, it is also the chance for siblings to meet each other after a long separated year.

  • Giving out lucky money

    Giving out lucky moneyGiving out lucky money

    This tradition is undoubtedly the most anticipated Tet activity of all Vietnamese children. The custom is not a meaningless one since it does not only make children feel happier on Tet, it also educates them the value of money and how to save money for good purpose. Like its very definition, lucky money bring luck to children such as health, wisdom and luck to the givers as well.

  • Visiting pagodas

    Visiting pagodasVisiting pagodas

    The lofty tradition reflects the religious belief of Vietnamese people which has been preserved and developed for thousands of years. People coming to pagodas and temples to pray for a happy new year in hope that wishes may come true and to show respect to Buddha and Gods who have been protecting and granting their wishes. Visiting pagodas could also be a good way to enjoy Tet’s atmosphere and forget about all the stress and worry of the previous year. Vietnamese families usually visit pagodas and temples with all of their members as well as going in grand family as a way to show sincerity.

Source: vietnamonline

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