5 weirdest things make you surprised in Vietnam

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5 weirdest things make you surprised in Vietnam
Considered as one of the happiest countries in the world, Vietnam also offer visitors tons of joy that you can easily find anywhere on streets. Taking a walk around any city of Vietnam, you will discover numerous Vietnam fun facts that will make your day.

From motorbike that can carry anything to crazily no rule traffic or simply a loud laugh of a rustic peasant. Here are some unique things in Vietnam that might cause you culture shocks.
  • “Ninja” on the road

    “Ninja” on the road“Ninja” on the road

    As one of the Vietnam fun facts for female, Vietnamese women consider white skin is the most beautiful skin. They always try to avoid sunshine when they go out. Therefore, they cover all their skin with hats, face masks and sunglasses, making them look like “ninja” on the road. The “ninjas” are also well-known for their “smooth” driving skill. Moreover, these cute ninjas usually cause some funny mistakes on the road such as turning on the left signal while they are turning right.

  • Pyjama fashion

    Pyjama fashionPyjama fashion

    Vietnamese women in rural areas love to wear a pair of pyjamas during anytime of the day, anywhere, even go out for work. Pyjama fashion comes in numerous styles, from vintage floral to colorful pattern, in shorts or long loose trousers. The pyjamas are loved for its practical and comfortable form. It is might look ridiculous but if you try it out, you would fall in love for the convenience it brings about. To get a pair of Vietnamese pyjamas, head to any local market you find in your way.

  • Weasel-poo coffee

    Weasel-poo coffeeWeasel-poo coffee

    Vietnam is the second-largest coffee exporter in the world, but most of the traded stuff is the cheap, instant kind. Within the country, however, high-quality, rich percolated coffee is ubiquitous. It is famous for Cà Phê Chồn, coffee made from weasel poo. The weasels eat berries containing coffee beans, and they have a natural inclination only to pick the best, ripest ones. The berries are digested, but the beans come out the other side whole, transformed with a new, richer flavour. Once dried and cleaned, the beans are then roasted to produce some of the world’s finest coffee.

  • People hired to cry in funerals

    People hired to cry in funeralsPeople hired to cry in funerals

    In the North of Vietnam, there are professionals who are hired to cry in the funeral in case the relatives cannot. The professional would talk about the merit and the contribution of the dead one while crying. The grief in the speech touches the hearts of relatives and guests, makes them feel the sorrow and then cry. Therefore, a standard crying professional must have a strong voice and can cry during the funeral, a good one would make people cry.

  • Wedding dresses photos before the wedding day

    Wedding dresses photos before the wedding dayWedding dresses photos before the wedding day

    In Vietnam, couples are photographed with their wedding dresses and suits before the wedding day. They are willing pay a lot of money on the photos, and usually go far from cities for gorgeous nature scene in the photo. The photos will be displayed in the wedding day, as a proof of their love.

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