6 best hostels for backpackers in Bangkok, Thailand

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6 best hostels for backpackers in Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok is the major hub for backpackers to Southeast Asia. Many travelers start and finish their adventure here in Thailand’s bustling capital. So, you need to find standard hostels with good prices and services, here is top 6 hostels you should experience in Bangkok.

  • Nitan Hostel

    Nitan HostelNitan Hostel

    This hostel is the best choice of hostel for those wanting to stay right in the heart of the action as close to Khao San Road as possible. Although the rooms are quite small, they are clean, bright and cheerful and especially, the staffs are very friendly. A dorm bed in a 10-bed mixed dorm starts at $11 US and comes with free breakfast.

  • All in One Hostel

    All in One HostelAll in One Hostel

    A very good value for money hostel located just a five-minute walk from Khao San Road in a cute little back alley. The rooms are clean and air-conditioned and the staffs are super friendly and helpful. There is an outdoor lounge area on the roof with cute hammocks that are great for relaxing in after a busy day sightseeing. Vegetarian travelers will love the choice of meat-free restaurants around. The hostel offers free breakfasts. Dorm rooms start at just $7 US for a dorm bed, or $12 US for a single room.

  • NapPark Hostel at Khao San

    NapPark Hostel at Khao SanNapPark Hostel at Khao San

    NapPark Hostel is on the Khao San Road, so you barely have to walk (stumble) a few steps before you are back to your dorm after a night out. But it is still beautifully clean and modern, and quiet enough to not be a total party hostel.

  • MonkeyNap Hostel

    MonkeyNap HostelMonkeyNap Hostel

    Found off Sukhumvit Soi 31, this friendly hostel is a big hit with travelers for many reasons. Firstly, the location is cool with many local shops and street food stalls. You really feel like you are staying in the heart of Bangkok here, rather than in a tourist enclave. The dorm rooms are clean and comfortable and the beds have sumptuous mattresses, pillows and privacy curtains.

    There is a huge common area with shared kitchen if you want to cook your own food and an outdoor seating area where you will meet travelers from all over the world. Mixed dorms start at just $7 US per night.

  • Vivit Hostel

    Vivit HostelVivit Hostel

    Since 2016, Vivit Hostel has emerged among the topmost for backpackers converging on Bangkok. It is located in Pra Nakhon area of the city. Several tourism attractions such as Temple of the Giant Swing Wat Sutawat, Bangkok City Pillar, Grand Palace and Temple of Emerald Buddha are located within walking distance.

  • Once Again Hostel

    Once Again HostelOnce Again Hostel

    This hostel is must experience for anyone on their first backpacking in Bangkok. Once Again Hostel has something very unique, it is a dormitory with custom-made beds. These are slightly larger than mass-made variants. Entrance to the “capsule bed” as owners of Once Again Hostel call it, resembles that of a traditional Thai house.

    This feature is exclusive to the hostel and provides a higher level of privacy to guests over other conventional dormitories. The relaxed yet lively atmosphere of Once Again is lent by backpackers from across the world. It is common to hear banter in different languages of the world in the dormitory. The place also allows you to get acquainted with other tourists.

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