6 desserts to cool Hanoi's hot summer

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6 desserts to cool Hanoi's hot summer
Hanoi's hot and humid summer can feel stressful and exhausting, so save yourself with these soft bites.

  • Khuc Bach sweet cheese tofu

    Khuc Bach sweet cheese tofuKhuc Bach sweet cheese tofu

    “Che khuc bach” is a cold dessert believed to originate from Hong Kong with buttery cubes of "cheese tofu," preserved longans or lychee, and silvered almonds. The cubes are the main part made from cheese, milk, cream and gelatin powder to create a soft and chewy texture. Unlike other desserts that are usually sweet, this dish has a milder taste. The dessert made a storm first in Saigon, and has slowly won the hearts of many people across the nation due to its refreshing taste.

    There are many dessert shops serving "che khuc bach." You can try some at 33 Quang Trung Street, 9 Tran Phu Street and 93 Hang Bac Street.

  • Gooey yogurt

    Gooey yogurtGooey yogurt

    Yogurt is frozen, cut into small cubes and mixed with coco powder to make this soft and sticky dessert. This dish is famous around the Hang Non area in Hanoi.

  • Yogurt with glutinous jelly

    Yogurt with glutinous jellyYogurt with glutinous jelly

    During peak time, you can see a long line of customers waiting in front of 5B Dinh Liet to buy this dish. Due to the small venue, it's best to take the dessert away. What makes the dessert special is the creamy and slightly sweet coconut milk on top, along with the eye-catching green jelly cubes made from the fragrant leaves of glutinous rice.

  • Avocado ice-cream

    Avocado ice-creamAvocado ice-cream

    Avocado smoothie will be topped with either vanilla or coconut ice-cream and some dry coconuts, which will create a harmony of flavors. This is another dessert coming from the south and slowly becoming a hit in Hanoi. You can visit 35 Lo Duc Street to try this dessert during a hot summer day.

  • Chewy sweet potato soup

    Chewy sweet potato soupChewy sweet potato soup

    The dessert, which originates from Taiwan, is usually served with other toppings such as boba, glutinous jelly, chestnuts and rich coconut milk. The sweet potatoes will be ground before mixed with a right amount of flour to get a perfect chewy texture. You can try this dish at 33 Quang Trung Street.

  • Durian sweet soup

    Durian sweet soupDurian sweet soup

    You can visit 18 Huynh Thuc Khang Street, 7 Hoang Minh Giam Street or 33 Han Thuyen Street to try out one of Hanoi’s unique dessert. If you are a durian lover, this is a must try dessert because the richness of durian goes well with other fruits, ice, and jellies.

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