6 interesting festivals to explore in Turkey

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6 interesting festivals to explore in Turkey
From opera and ballet to film, theater, and rock music, Turkey has so many festivals that every interest is quelled with one great event after the other. Check out some of the best festivals taking place annually in Turkey that everyone should visit.

  • Izmir World Fair

    Izmir World FairIzmir World Fair

    Izmir is well known for being the host to the oldest festival activity in Turkey, during the multi-theme Izmir World Fair held during early September. The fair is organized by İZFAŞ, which is a depending corporation of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.

    The social and musical events that take place simultaneously as the commercial fair had started away as an auxiliary activity to attract popular interest for the fair, but over time the festival became a school by itself. This is one of the most popular Turkey festivals 2020.

  • Cappadox


    Another excellent festival with a very unique location, Cappadox has been held annually since 2015, in the middle of the beautiful landscape of Cappadocia. A festival of music, contemporary art, gastronomy, and outdoor events, Cappadox has featured local and international artists such as Mercan Dede, Rhye, İlhan Erşahin, and Acid Pauli to name a few.

  • Mesir Paste Festival

    Mesir Paste FestivalMesir Paste Festival

    A great festival to connect with locals as you become a part of folklore. Mesir Paste Festival celebrates the recovery of Hafsa Sultan, mother of Suleyman the Magnificent. She was cured of a disease through a paste known as Mesir Macunu in Turkish. The Sultan then ordered to distribute this paste in public for everybody’s well-being.

    A chef prepares this magic paste from 41 spices and herbs. Group of 14 women wrap the paste in small pieces of paper, and then it is blessed by 28 imams and apprentices and post this it is scattered from the top of the minaret and the domes of the Sultan Mosque.

  • Folk Dance Festivals

    Folk Dance FestivalsFolk Dance Festivals

    Cultural festivals are most fascinating in cities and resorts that contain the resources to attract internationally renowned acts. Nearly every town has some yearly bash, though several are of limited interest to outsiders. Folk-dance festivals offer an opportunity to see Turkey’s best dance troupes execute various repertoires of Turkish dances in traditional costumes. Well, what else do you want more when you travel to such places! This is amongst the popular Turkey festivals 2020.

  • Oil Wrestling Festival

    Oil Wrestling FestivalOil Wrestling Festival

    This 600-year-old Kirkpinar Oil Wrestling Festival takes place in Edirne, Turkey. The tournament is open to men from all cultures, regions and ages without discrimination between religion, language or race.

    Pehlivans are the participants. The patron launches the festival in the Kirkpinar Aga. This is an amazing ceremony where forty bands of drums and shawms join in to create the captivating atmosphere. Thereafter, the golden belt is carried through the city in a procession, followed by prayers recited in the Selimiye Mosque.

  • Rock n’Coke

    Rock n’CokeRock n’Coke

    Turkey’s biggest rock festival is definitely worth a trip to Istanbul. Established in 2003 and sponsored by Coca Cola, Rock n’Coke is a huge festival that is held at the Hezarfen Airfield and has hosted some major musicians from the rock world such as Limp Bizkit, Motörhead, Travis, Moby, Nine Inch Nails, Muse, Franz Ferdinand, Placebo, The Cure, Korn, Iggy Pop, Gogol Bordello, The Prodigy, and Linkin Park.

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