6 reasons why Taiwan should be your next adventure

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6 reasons why Taiwan should be your next adventure
Taiwan is an island of unexpected beauty. With verdant valleys, hills, and forests to roam in, it's the ideal destination for those who love to spend their vacation exploring the great outdoors. Here are the 6 reasons you must visit Taiwan on your next trip.

  • 1. Night Markets

    1. Night Markets1. Night Markets

    Hustling, bustling, buzzing and brightly lit, the night markets of Taiwan are quite an experience. From the best-known Shilin Night Market to Tainan Flowers Night Market, these open-air festivals of sound, smell and taste take place on different nights around the island so be sure to research ahead.

  • 2. Temples

    2. Temples2. Temples

    The Chinese temples in Taiwan are among the finest in the world, so it is no surprise that they are very popular destinations with travelers who want to visit Taiwan. There are dozens of temples in Taiwan the most famous and interesting temples should be on your list such as Lotus Pond, Longshan Temple, Wuji Tianyuan Temple.

  • 3. Museums

    3. Museums3. Museums

    The first and most important stop on any visitor’s travel itinerary should be the National Palace Museum. The sixth most visited museum in the world (6.1m people each year), and home to an impressive 696,422 exhibits, the National Palace Museum in Taipei is a tremendous repository showcasing more than 8,000 years of Chinese art.

  • 4. Foods

    4. Foods4. Foods

    Taiwan is a food lover’s paradise. From the freshest seafood to the most delicious street food at the local night markets, there’s something for everybody when it comes to Taiwanese cuisine. Enjoy spicy pork dumplings and beef noodle soup bought from street vendors or gorge on platefuls of xiaochi or “small eats” at one of the nation’s 300 night markets.

  • 5. History

    5. History5. History

    First inhabited by indigenous Taiwanese before it was colonised by the Dutch and then the Spanish in the 17th century, Taiwan came under Japanese rule after the Qing Dynasty lost the Sino-Japanese War in 1895. The Republic of China then took the island back in 1945. Today, its political status is somewhat ambiguous, having been the safehouse for the ousted Republic of China government after the People's Republic of China won the Chinese Civil War. Its cultural heritage, therefore, is a blend of Taiwanese, traditional Chinese and Japanese.

  • 6. Buildings

    6. Buildings6. Buildings

    The tallest building in the world between 2004 and 2010, when the Burj Khalifa in Dubai took over, Taipei 101 towers over the capital, serving as an icon for the modern evolution of the country. Its lifts reach speeds of 37.6mph, flinging passengers from the fifth to the 89th floor in 37 seconds. There is an observation deck on the 91st floor, some 1,285 feet above the ground.

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