7 amazing themed cafés and restaurants in Taipei

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7 amazing themed cafés and restaurants in Taipei
Taiwanese restaurateurs have been recognized for their themed restaurants, often taking inspiration from everyday objects (for instance, a toilet), animals, or popular culture and running with that idea until an entirely new breed of establishment is born. If you are ever in Taipei, here are a few of the best themed cafes and restaurants to enjoy.

  • Kumamon cafe

    Kumamon cafeKumamon cafe

    Kumamon is quite the unexpected sensation. Created in Japan for a tourism campaign back 2010, the cute little mascot now has a worldwide following. So, it makes perfect sense that there is now a café in Taipei completely decked out in Kumamon paraphernalia. Pancakes are the specialty at this place, and the fact that you can hug a giant Kumamon toy while eating.

  • P.S. Bu Bu Restaurant

    P.S. Bu Bu RestaurantP.S. Bu Bu Restaurant

    P.S Bu Bu Restaurant is a quirky spot in the Shilin District of Taipei City with a cool retro theme. The restaurant’s walls are plastered with old-school posters and vehicle license plates, while old cars refurbished in cute pastel colours are their restaurant’s main attraction.

  • Oia


    Set on the coast not too far from Qianshuiwan Coast Park, you will find the wonderfully quirky OIA Café. Now this place is worth visiting once. This café is home to some very cute and very fluffy alpacas that customers can stroke and feed. The food is pretty good too but in all honesty who cares when you can sit staring at these adorable white alpacas while sipping your coffee.

  • Brick Works

    Brick WorksBrick Works

    This cafe should be on the travel bucket list of every Lego fan. There are a lot of Lego sculptures and kits that guests of all ages can play with, as well as cute Lego-themed cutlery and decor. The establishment also sells Lego kits and figurines at more affordable prices than major retail outlets.

    The main draw, though, is the presentation of the desserts. While the cafe also sells pizzas and pastas, the IG-worthy sugar Lego-topped cupcakes and Lego brick-shaped cakes are the undisputed customer favorites.

  • Alice Is Coming

    Alice Is ComingAlice Is Coming

    The cafe follows Alice in Wonderland theme, incorporating elements of Lewis Caroll’s famous novel in their decor. Be seated at your own Mad Hatter tea party, or dine in the presence of the Queen of Hearts. To be seated at your own Mad Hatter tea party, or dine in the presence of the Queen of Hearts, visit Alice is Coming.

  • Hello Kitty Shabu-Shabu

    Hello Kitty Shabu-ShabuHello Kitty Shabu-Shabu

    This shabu-shabu (hotpot) restaurant offers diners a subtler take on the Hello Kitty theme. The interior is tastefully decorated with Hello Kitty figurines, tableware, and patterned upholstery, with the theme creatively incorporated into the food presentation through the cut of the vegetables. It is a nice and cozy place to have a casual meal and weather cooler days in Taipei City.

  • Zoo Café

    Zoo CaféZoo Café

    A cup of coffee in Zoo Café is like taking a step into the living room of a house set in the jungle. Here you are surrounded by safari-themed décor that actually looks quite cool, and the food on the menu is both tasty and affordable. It is the ideal stop for city dwellers in need of green surroundings while they relax over their meal.

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