7 unique beverages you should try once in Vietnam

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7 unique beverages you should try once in Vietnam
Vietnam is well-known for its delicious street food with fresh herbs and aromatic broths but do you know that beverages in Vietnam are also very unique and iconic?

If you are traveling through Vietnam, these Vietnamese drinks are absolute must-try. From coffee to alcohol and fresh street-side juice, do not leave Vietnam without sipping on these refreshing beverages!
  • Ruou Nep Cam

    Ruou Nep CamRuou Nep Cam

    The unique wine is made using sticky rice that is fermented with yeast. The wine will contain as much as 29.5% alcohol. In Vietnam, drinking wine or other alcoholic drinks is more of a masculine activity. Men gather in groups to drink a glass or two of this wine after a hard day of work.

    Sticky rice wine is smoother and sweeter than the regular rice wine, which can be quite fiery. When trying this out you can ask for snacks like barbequed meat or seafood. The best of sticky rice wine can be found in the North of Vietnam, and Ha Noi the capital is famous for this drink.

  • Sugarcane juice

    Sugarcane juiceSugarcane juice

    It is a popular drink sold on every street of Vietnam. This yummy treat is freshly squeezed using an electric squashing machine. Surprisingly, it is not as sweet as you would expect it to be. The drink is usually served with Calamansi, a tiny sour lime found naturally in Southeast Asia. Sugar cane juice is not only delicious but also rich in electrolytes and antioxidants to fight dehydration.

    You will find sugar cane juice vendors everywhere, advertising their goods openly on the streets. An easy way for you to find sugar cane juice vendors is if you notice where there are schools, universities, markets or parks, etc., sugarcane juice vendors never are far away!

  • Tamarind juice

    Tamarind juiceTamarind juice

    Tamarind juice is made from the tamarind fruit and is the best way to beat the heat in summer. A cup of tamarind juice is very simple with ripe tamarind fruits without beans and sugar and peanut above. This juice is also cheap and popular in Vietnam. Price is about 1 USD.

  • Herbal Tea

    Herbal TeaHerbal Tea

    This sweet and nutty Vietnamese herbal tea is usually served over ice, making it perfect to sip in the chaos and noise of a Vietnamese wet market on a steamy day. Believed to have "cooling" properties according to Chinese medicine, the most basic recipe contains sugar cane, nettle leaves, grass roots and corn silk, an illustration of the Vietnamese aversion to wasting anything.

  • Pennywort Juice

    Pennywort JuicePennywort Juice

    Pennywort is a member of the carrot and dill family. In reality, this drink tastes more like cucumber water and is served in most restaurants throughout the country. This drink will keep you hydrated under the humid Vietnam weather while you are traveling around the country.

    Finding this drink is just the same as locating sugar cane juice street vendors. The best place to go is wherever there is a crowd, particularly schools, universities, markets, around the parks, etc.

  • Green tea

    Green teaGreen tea

    Vietnamese love drinking green tea, especially in the North. When visiting Ha Noi, you can see vendors who sell hot and ice tea are in street corners or parks. Tea drinkers here are more than other regions. A cup of green tea is about 5,000 VND (1 USD for 4 cups). Vietnam has some highlands which are the home of tea plantations such as Thai Nguyen province, Nghe An province and Bao Loc City. You can also take a trip to visit and experience tea farms.

  • Coconut wine

    Coconut wineCoconut wine

    Coconut wine is the unique product of Ben Tre Province, Mekong Delta in Vietnam. That is the rice wine inside a coconut. The locals will make rice wine first. Then they choose a coconut, make a small hole on the top and take all coco water out. Then they pump rice wine into the coconut. Keep rice wine inside the coconut about 20 days, they has the perfect product with the taste of rice wine and coconut flesh. This liquid cannot make you drunk but addicted.

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