8 cafés to enjoy coffee and meals in Ipoh, Malaysia

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8 cafés to enjoy coffee and meals in Ipoh, Malaysia
Ipoh combines colonial and cultural heritage with jagged limestone hills and cave temples. We round up the best cafés in Ipoh for coffee lovers in quirky locations as well as cosy spots for tea.

  • Burps & Giggles

    Burps & Giggles Burps & Giggles

    Burps & Giggles in the heart of Ipoh’s old town provides a comfortable and intriguing location for a break from sightseeing. Featuring a variety of bits and bobs decorating the interior and colourful murals covering the walls, this café in Ipoh feels arty and bohemian. Read some of the cheeky quotes and talk to the local artisan selling their goods in the corner. Drinks include espresso, black and milk coffee, tea and fruit juices.

  • Thumbs Café

    Thumbs CaféThumbs Café

    Perak’s most famous concept café, Thumbs Café, combines a strange, but a seemingly fitting mixture of local and Western styles. Sit on the antique Asian sofas or lean against the British-style bar. Local owner, Mr Elias Yahaya, has travelled extensively and used his experience to influence the decorations of this halal café in Ipoh. Expect to find a wide variety of drinks, Western dishes and Asian favourites. Thumb’s opens in the evening and might make a cosy spot to unwind after a day of sightseeing.

  • Plan B

    Plan B Plan B

    Located in the old town, Plan B emphasises on serving high-quality artisan coffee. The coffee shop in Ipoh is one of six branches in Malaysia under the BIG Group. Step inside and the décor immediately feels industrialised with exposed red brick walls and the creative use of steel and stone. Large windows maximise the natural light, giving in an airy and spacious feel. Anyone in the old town looking for a morning fix of good coffee and a light breakfast or early lunch can check out Plan B. Food choices include pastries, cakes sandwiches and pasta.

  • STG Tea House

    STG Tea HouseSTG Tea House

    STG Tea House provides the opportunity to drink high tea inside a former colonial bungalow. The grand, white structure stands elegantly inside its manicured lawns with both indoor and outdoor seating options. Offering a variety of drinks, including alcohol and food, curious tourists interested in Ipoh’s past will appreciate stopping by. Just be aware that STG is a short drive from the city centre.

  • Petit Mary Patisserie

    Petit Mary PatisseriePetit Mary Patisserie

    Petit Mary Patisserie, inside a two-storey converted house, combines a selection of delicious cakes and pastries with a warm interior. Expect to find a European flair and ambience as well as a cuteness factor that makes customers want to stay longer. The scones, Belgium chocolate cake and mango cake are highlights.

  • Café de Eight

    Café de EightCafé de Eight

    The small and difficult-to-find café in Ipoh provides a nostalgic twist in the old town. Book- and movie-themed relics along with old pictures and posters create a classic, chic style. Design aside, Café de Eight offers a reasonable selection of drinks and food at surprisingly affordable prices. Enjoying lunch or a late afternoon tea inside this quirky spot will generate lots of opportunities for photographs.

  • Patisserie BoutiQue

    Patisserie BoutiQuePatisserie BoutiQue

    Step inside this café in Ipoh and immediately get the sense of teleporting across the world to Paris. Using a mixture of concepts, the interior elicits a welcoming environment and a cosy place to sit and enjoy a drink and slice of cake. Conveniently located in the middle of the old town near Birch Memorial Clock Tower and Ipoh’s colonial buildings, it makes for an ideal place to relax after exploring the neighbourhood. The menu includes a variety of freshly prepared cakes with the Crepe Cakes and Crème Brûlée coming highly recommended. Prices range from RM6 ($1.50) to RM15 ($3.80).

  • Nam Heong

    Nam Heong Nam Heong

    For a cup of Ipoh’s famous Old Town white coffee and a local breakfast, head to Nam Heong. This café in Ipoh is one of four branches around Malaysia that specialises in keeping culinary and gastronomical traditions alive. With a selection of drinks, an extensive food menu along with pastries and cakes, this forms a convenient location to stop after or before exploring the old town. Pro tip: a local favourite is Ipoh white coffee and egg tart.

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