9 best coffee shops in Taipei

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9 best coffee shops in Taipei
Just like any other big city, Taipei also owns some really cool coffee shops on its own. If you are a coffee enthusiast, don’t forget to stop by these coffee shops mentioned below in Taipei.

  • Le Park Café

    Le Park CaféLe Park Café

    Le Park café has something both stylish and intimate. Can be a bit pricey, but it’s worth it as the coffee and bakeries taste really good. Remember to ask for a table upstairs.

  • The Folks

    The FolksThe Folks

    Probably one of the best espresso in town. Tiny and cosy place (only 5 seats) with a luminous atmosphere. Lovely and passionate owner. Perfect for a short break.

  • Fika Fika Cafe

    Fika Fika CafeFika Fika Cafe

    Big windows, high ceiling, good food and located in the center of the city, so, very convenient. Slightly fancy, can also be crowded and a bit noisy. This place is great for meetings, or even for first dates.

  • Ruins Café Roaster

    Ruins Café RoasterRuins Café Roaster

    Raw and crafty atmosphere due to a unique mix of concrete, wood and plants. Pretty far from downtown, but that’s a good reason to explore Taipei’s suburbs. Disclaimer: there is no wifi there. That’s intentional, and it’s a good thing.

  • Le Chat

    Le ChatLe Chat

    Surely the most famous alternative coffee shop in Taipei. The staff is not especially welcoming, but it’s cool, for once, to not play the courtesy game. Close at 2am, perfect for night owls.

  • Yaboo


    The perfect coffee shop: big space, cool terrasse, quiet atmosphere, welcoming staff and located in a lovely area (Dongmen).

  • Homey’s Café

    Homey’s CaféHomey’s Café

    Another charming and independent coffee shop, located right in heart of the city. The entrance is a bit hidden: find the staircase, go to the 2nd floor, and open the left door.

  • Sugar man cafe

    Sugar man cafeSugar man cafe

    The regular independant taiwanese coffee shop: simple but convenient furnitures, a terrasse for smokers and alternative music in background. If you want to focus bring your headphones, the owners like to share their music tastes in a loud way.

  • Yue Yue &co

    Yue Yue &coYue Yue &co

    It is a library that provides good coffee. It’s located in an old and traditional house, and the mood is pretty unique. This place is the perfect break when you visit Songshan Creative Park.

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