A day to visit Sapa, Vietnam

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A day to visit Sapa, Vietnam
Sapa is a hill station in the North of Vietnam, known for its beautiful terraced rice fields, lovely and welcoming ethnic minority tribes, and for housing the tallest peak in Indochina, Mount Fansipan. It’s also the premier trekking base of Vietnam, growing more and more popular each day.

  • Have a cup of coffee

    Have a cup of coffeeHave a cup of coffee

    One of the great highlights of a trip to Sapa is the chance to take in the lush views and there is no better way to do this than by having a drink in one of the mountain bars.

    One of the most famous is Gem Valley and as the name suggests you can spend time here enjoying the mist creeping across the eerie landscape and marvel at the vistas over the emerald green valley below.

  • Explore Cat Cat Village

    Explore Cat Cat VillageExplore Cat Cat Village

    Cat Cat Village is nestled at the bottom of Muong Hoa Valley, about two miles (three kilometers) from Sapa town. This village was formed in the 19th century after various ethnic H’Mong and Dzao families came together from other mountainous areas in northern Vietnam. They started cultivating rice and corn in the region, as well as weaving fabric and creating handicrafts to get by. When visiting, you can learn about these traditional techniques as well as spend time studying the H' mong culture.

  • Trek Muong Hoa Valley

    Trek Muong Hoa ValleyTrek Muong Hoa Valley

    Muong Hoa Valley is located in Hau Thao commune. The most impressive feature in this valley may be the ancient stone engraved with different shapes, situated in between the grass and the terraced rice fields of ethnic minorities. Hundreds of sandstones were carved pictures and strange characters have not to determine the origin as well as meaning yet. This is regarded as one of the unique heritage of the ancient Vietnamese.

  • Discover Fairy Cave

    Discover Fairy CaveDiscover Fairy Cave

    Upstream Chay river about 6 km from the centre of Bao Nhai (Bac Ha), the boat will take you through the ancient citadel with many legends. Fairy Cave is considered the little Halong Bay in Sapa. Visiting Fairy Cave, tourists can sightsee, bath in the Tien stream and soak in the sunshine on the island of flowers. Traditionally, people do these activities is the way to pray for the blessed beauty, health and wealth.

  • Go shopping at Sapa Market

    Go shopping at Sapa MarketGo shopping at Sapa Market

    If you want to enjoy a traditional shopping experience in Sapa, then head for Sapa Market which is also conveniently located close to the local bus station. Here you will find a range of colorful local produce as well as a fresh meat section which is certainly not for the faint of heart. You will also find some handicrafts here sold by the hill-tribes people that live in the villages around Sapa.

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