A trip to Nam Du Island in Vietnam

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A trip to Nam Du Island in Vietnam
Nam Du is a beautiful archipelago in the Gulf of Thailand. It’s a popular destination for many Vietnamese but still a mystery to foreigners because it was once an off-limits area to non-Vietnamese visitors. But the island is now open to foreign visitors and its once restricted charm is available to those who make the trip.

  • Hon Lon Island

    Hon Lon IslandHon Lon Island

    Also known as "big island", which is part of An Son commune is the epicentr of all tourist activity in Nam Du and in this place, you will find the majority of accommodations, restaurants and the ferry dock where you can catch a ferry from Rach Gia. Hon Lon Island is famous for its lighthouse, a restricted military zone and many beautiful beaches such as Dat Do beach, Nhun beach, and so on.

  • Nam Du Lighthouse

    Nam Du LighthouseNam Du Lighthouse

    Nam Du Lighthouse is located on the top of Hon Lon belonged to An Son commune. This is considered as the highest lighthouse in Vietnam because of locating in the top of the hill of over 300 meters above the sea level.

  • Ma Thien Lanh Hill

    Ma Thien Lanh HillMa Thien Lanh Hill

    Most visitors visiting Hon Son all prefer to explore the Ma Thien Lanh hill, which preserves many myths that all people here know. That was the fairies often descending the mountain top, called as the fairy yard. Later on, this place has many trees, purity caves so many Taoist hermits come here to sit in meditation. On the way to Ma Thien Lanh, there is an exposed Buddha statute, and many traces of ancient people recorded on stones.

  • Ngang Isle

    Ngang IsleNgang Isle

    Ngang Isle has the most peaceful harbor in Nam Du, so it attracts a large number of ships, boats and fish cages. It takes 30 minutes going by ferry to travel from Hon Lon to Hon Ngang. There are just only two trips daily, one at 7 am and the other at 3 pm. Ngang Island is the center of Nam Du Commune. There are thousands of ships and boats along with nearly 60 fish cages anchored in Hon Ngang pier.

  • Mau Isle

    Mau IsleMau Isle

    In the southeastern corner of the archipelago, Hon Mau, or called Mau Isle is most notable for Bai Chuong Beach, a seam of white sand laid out under coconut palms and umbrella trees, with surf the color of aftershave. The colors here are intense and blindingly bright. There’s an active fishing community of Hon Mau, but tourism is gradually taking over, with wood-and-thatch shacks and clapboard seafood restaurants setting up along the sand.

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