Admire the amazing pagodas in Yangon

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Admire the amazing pagodas in Yangon
Refered to the Land of the Pagodas, Myanmar has more religious structures than tourists actually visiting them.

From the most neglected temples in the heart of Bagan to the most frequented pagodas in the center of Yangon, here are the most unbelievable temples and pagodas to visit in Yangon.
  • Shwedagon Pagoda

    Shwedagon PagodaShwedagon Pagoda

    The Yangon skyline would not be the same without the Shwedagon Pagoda, the city's most popular heritage and religious site. At over 2,600 years of age, Shwedagon is the oldest pagoda in the world.

    Also known as the Golden Pagoda, Great Dagon Pagoda, and Shwedagon Zedi Daw, this golden stupa is regarded as the most sacred Buddhist Pagoda, a status granted by the relics of past four Buddhas housed within eight strands of hair from Gautama Buddha; the staff of Kakusandha, the 25th Buddha; the water filter of Konagamana, the 26th Buddha; and a piece of the robe of Kassapa.

  • Chaukhtatgyi Buddha Temple

    Chaukhtatgyi Buddha TempleChaukhtatgyi Buddha Temple

    Chaukhtatgyi Buddha Temple houses the incredible 217 foot reclining Buddha which is among the largest in Myanmar and is easily one of the most beautiful pagodas, this is probably attributed to the fact that the Buddha’s face was reconstructed after initially being considered as having too severe an expression. The details on the Buddha, from the long eyelashes to the inscribed feet, make it worth the jaunt from downtown Yangon.

  • Sule Pagoda

    Sule PagodaSule Pagoda

    Located in the city center of historic Yangon is the Sule Pagoda, thought to be 2,000 years old. It is one of the first structures visitors lay eyes on as they approach the city; the pointed form shimmers under the sunlight at midday and lights up after dark. It was rebuilt in the 1880s and stands at about 48 meters tall. The pagoda now sits in the center of the roundabout at Sule Pagoda Road and Mahabandoola Road, with a flow of traffic consistently circling its exterior. The spire is actually octagonal in shape and apparently houses a hair of the Buddha. There is a 3,000 kyat entrance fee.

  • Tooth Relic Pagoda

    Tooth Relic PagodaTooth Relic Pagoda

    Photo Myanmarmemories

    Also situated in Yangon, the Tooth Relic Pagoda is one of the off the beaten path temples. The beautiful symmetry and golden details place this temple among the most beautiful temples in Myanmar. Apart from being an important pilgrimage site, the Tooth Relic Pagoda is also one of the must see attractions in Yangon.

  • Kyaiktiyo Pagoda

    Kyaiktiyo PagodaKyaiktiyo Pagoda

    There are three important Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Myanmar, and two of them can be found around Yangon. Leaving aside the Mahammuni Pagoda in Mandalay, the Shwedagon Pagoda and Kyaiktiyo Pagoda claim the allegiance of devout Burmese.

    Set a few hours from Yangon, Kyaiktiyo Pagoda looks like no other pagoda you will ever see in Myanmar, it is a huge, gold-covered rock teetering on a cliff edge on the slopes of Mount Kyaiktiyo. According to Buddhist belief, the rock is kept in place by a strand of Buddha's hair.

  • Botataung Pagoda

    Botataung PagodaBotataung Pagoda

    The presence of not one but two pagodas in Yangon housing strands of Buddha’s hair is kind of a big thing in the city. Botatung pagoda is the second place you can see them. Located by the river, this pagoda is another smaller, golden stupa.

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