Admire the beauty of Nantou, Taiwan

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Admire the beauty of Nantou, Taiwan
Nantou at the center of Taiwan island is a land of full of picturesque scenery. The tops of the mountains are shrouded in mist while flocks and herds browse on the mountain feet. Looking from a distance, the lakes and mountains add radiance and beauty to each other.

  • Huisun Forest Reserve

    Huisun Forest ReserveHuisun Forest Reserve

    Huisun Forest Reserve, home to Taiwan's largest old-growth forest, not only offers lovely, negative-ion-filled hiking trails; it's a one-stop site for families looking to up their endorphin levels for a weekend. There's a campground to pitch a tent, pagodas and rocks to enjoy, and local coffee to sample, or simply stroll, admire the trees and try to spot a Taiwan blue magpie or two.

  • Xitou Monster Village

    Xitou Monster VillageXitou Monster Village

    With its Japanese setting and colorful characters, Xitou Monster Village on Xingchan Road is the perfect place to visit with the family. Once you pass through the traditional gate, you will see red lanterns, old-style houses, and sculptures of adorable monsters. Wherever you go, this village will surely give you plenty of photo opportunities. There are also restaurants and shops named after the famous monsters. Eat, take pictures, or just enjoy the sights of this beloved attraction.

  • Batongguan Historic Trail

    Batongguan Historic TrailBatongguan Historic Trail

    The Batongguan Historic Trail was established by soldiers in 1875, during the rule of the Qing dynasty. Along the trail, you will find numerous stone inscriptions that act as milestones in the history on the area as well as distance. These include the “Wan Nian Heng Cyu” stone inscription made on a gargantuan boulder. When translated, it reads: “The opening of the roads expedites trade and travel to the benefit of future generations”.

    Besides learning about the deep-rooted history of Nantou, you can also bask in the beauty of the Central Mountain Range.

  • Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village

    Formosan Aboriginal Culture VillageFormosan Aboriginal Culture Village

    The Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village is a fun and informative way to learn about the early cultures of Taiwan. You’ll be enthralled with the range of shows specially performed by the Yamei, Puwan and Yen tribes. Dinner is also served and you can taste authentic dishes exquisitely prepared by master chefs from these tribes.

  • Wenwu Temple

    Wenwu TempleWenwu Temple

    Wenwu Temple is the result of 2 post-Japanese-era temples being combined as a single entity. The locals here had Wenwu Temple built in place of two temples when rising lake waters threatened to submerge the buildings.

    At first glance, the temple looks every bit like a traditional Confucius temple reminiscent to those found in Northern China. The structure is majestic and a sight to behold. With so many travellers visiting each day, officials thought it would be wiser to leave the main gates open for tourists’ convenience, so it is accessible throughout the day.

  • Antique Assam Tea Farm

    Antique Assam Tea FarmAntique Assam Tea Farm

    An operating tea farm that's also a showcase for the reinstatement of tea shrubs to Sun Moon Lake. The speciality here is Assam black tea, introduced by the Japanese from India. In its heyday, this factory had over 200 workers, but it was forced to close down in the early 2000s due to farmers' preference for cultivating the more lucrative betel nut. A handful of veteran workers persisted and began growing organic Assam; they also turned the factory into a tourist attraction.

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