Chinese Cuisine

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Don't forget to try these dishes from Shandong cuisine
Shandong cuisine, with its exquisite procedures and unique styles, is one of China’s eight cuisines. It is famous for its wide selection of material and use of different cooking methods. Shandong Cuisine is popular throughout Beijing, Tianjin and Northeast China ...

Enjoy the tasty dishes when visiting Xiamen
As a famous city surrounded by sea, seaport farmlands, mountains and fishing, Xiamen has a time-honored history of producing some of these special snacks, which also contain rich historical and Minnan cultural connotations. Xiamen has a variety of foods with unique ...

Challenge yourself with top 5 Chongqing spicy dishes
The dishes served in Chongqing is spicy that travelers are recommended to acclimate themselves over the months before the trip. Chongqing is known as one of the most notable cities in China for spicy dishes. Chongqing dishes often include lots of peppers, garlic, and ...

The 7 best Chinese street foods
Thanks to China’s sheer enormity, traveling through the country is as much a tastebud odyssey as it is a history lesson. And eating your way around the street food markets allows you to get a true taste of the diverse culinary scene here.

An ultimate guide to Fujian cuisine of China
Fujian province is known for great seafood and soups and the precise use of scintillating but not tongue numbing spices. Fujian cuisine emphasizes colors, aroma, the blending of tastes and presentation, and special attention is paid to "aromas" and ...

The 8 great cuisines of China
There are many styles of cooking in China, but Chinese chefs have identified eight culinary traditions as the best. These have set the course of how Chinese cook food, and are looked to as models. Each of these schools has a distinct style and different strengths.

Discover the traditional Cantonese dishes
Hailing from the Guangdong province, Cantonese cuisine is now popular throughout all of China. Though dim sum is synonymous with Cantonese food, there’s a whole range of other dishes to try too.

Foods to celebrate Lunar New Year in China
Given the importance of food in Chinese culture, it is not surprising that certain dishes play a major role in Lunar New Year celebrations. "Lucky" foods are served through the two-week Lunar New Year celebration in order to grant a new year full of luck.

Zhejiang cuisine, thing that you never forget when traveling
Zhejiang cuisine originates from the populous and rich eastern province of Zhejiang on the Pacific. If you don't like spicy cuisine, but prefer fish and seafood, then this is the food style for you.

Typical breakfast dishes in China
Have you ever gotten curious at what the Chinese have for breakfast? If yes, take a look at this article to know about these most popular breakfast dishes in China.

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