Beautiful beaches in Myanmar you should know

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Beautiful beaches in Myanmar you should know
Myanmar is yet to become as popular a beach destination as Bali in Southeast Asia, and it owes this stardom to its stunning beaches! There are some unbelievably beautiful Myanmar beaches, many of which stay hidden even today. Here are some of the most beautiful beaches and islands in Myanmar.

  • Ngapali


    The first beach that tourists to Myanmar often hear about is Ngapali: the gorgeous white sand, turquoise waters, and luxurious hotels. Some of the biggest names in luxury resorts can be found here: Hilton, Aureum, and Amata. Located in Rakhine State in the west of the country, it is a relaxing sanctuary ideal for those who can afford to splurge. There are pristine waters, fresh seafood, and plenty of beach-front resorts in which to relax. For those who are looking for more adventure, local cultural tours can also be arranged. To get here, fly from Yangon to Thandwe.

  • Ngwe Saung

    Ngwe SaungNgwe Saung

    Ngwe Saung is a popular choice for expats and locals looking for a weekend getaway. There are more upscale resort options in the north of the country, but the south is an ideal retreat for backpackers, with its laid-back atmosphere. It’s a six-hour bus ride from Yangon, so it’s the easiest beach in the country to get to for most tourists. Ngwe Saung is the alternative to nearby Chaung Tha beach, which is equally nice but has a more local vibe–it is more popular among the Myanmar people. They’ll often camp out here, with bonfires, drinking, and singing until the morning light.

  • Kanthaya Beach

    Kanthaya BeachKanthaya Beach

    This is one of the most highly rated beaches in Myanmar if you want to escape the noisy urbane life and head to a secluded area of peace and solace. Kanthya does not have any beach sports, shops, or restaurants and will provide a good detox from the modern facilities that we are addicted to.

  • Mergui Archipelago

    Mergui ArchipelagoMergui Archipelago

    It is situated in the southernmost part and has stunning white beaches that stretch for kilometers. An interesting activity on this archipelago is to spot monkeys snacking on crabs on the coastlines of its beaches. It is a unique sight that! It has some of the top beaches in Myanmar like Ta Fook if you are keen on spotting some exotic marine life that thrives underwater.

  • Dawei Peninsula

    Dawei Peninsula Dawei Peninsula

    Dawei is a sleepy town characterised by colonial architecture and not much else, but it’s the beaches in the vicinity that will draw crowds in coming years. Infrastructure isn’t great on the Dawei Peninsula yet, but you can explore easily over a couple of days. However, chances are you’ll want to linger longer, on the idyllic beaches. Though there are train and bus routes, flying to Dawei from both Mandalay and Yangon is by far the quickest option.

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