Beautiful national parks in Vietnam

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Beautiful national parks in Vietnam
With so many amazing attractions, it’s not surprising that Vietnam is welcoming more and more visitors to its shores each and every year. A stunning array of untouched ecosystems and natural wonders, here are the most beautiful national parks in Vietnam for you to discover and enjoy.

  • Phu Quoc National Park

    Phu Quoc National ParkPhu Quoc National Park

    An island off of the mainland of Vietnam, over half of Phu Quoc is set aside as a national park and is home to a diverse range of ecosystems and animals. While dugongs happily bob below the surface, scuba divers may want to dive deeper down into the depths of the delta to see the rich life below. With its crystal clear waters and swarms of tropical fish, Phu Quoc’s marine life is lovely to explore. Whether it is cruising through the park on a motorbike or ambling peacefully along its many paths, the national park has a number of delightful options with which to woo and entice visitors.

  • Con Dao National Park

    Con Dao National ParkCon Dao National Park

    Containing both marine and forest protected environments, Con Dao National Park is one of only two such types of the park in Vietnam. With lush mangroves, tropical rainforests, stunning coral reefs, and pristine beaches; Con Dao has a lot going for it. In this preserved and protected environment, eco-tourism is very popular and there are a number of environmentally friendly options for visitors to enjoy. Whether it is exploring the park’s waters or traipsing through the untouched forests; travelers are constantly amazed at the lovely scenery and landscapes on the show. Off the coast, lucky visitors may be able to spot blue whales, dugongs and turtles happily swimming about.

  • Ba Be National Park

    Ba Be National ParkBa Be National Park

    Ba Be National Park has it all. From rivers and waterfalls to caves, mountains and more; the diverse range of ecosystems on a show will surely impress any visitor to the park. Interspersed amongst the protruding peaks and plateaus of the mountains are huge lakes that make for tranquil boat trips on their peaceful waters. Dotted around the lakes are small islands that only add to its charm. Visitors to the park can explore its waterways or hike along the plethora of paths that make their way through its forests; peeking through the trees at the lakes below is an amazing experience as the stunning scenery looks spectacular from up high. As well as mountaineering up the sides of some of the climbable cliffs, tourists may also want to visit some of the local villages to gain an insight into Vietnamese traditions and cultures.

  • Cuc Phuong National Park

    Cuc Phuong National ParkCuc Phuong National Park

    Perfect for people looking to step off the beaten path, Cuc Phuong’s beautiful landscapes and pristine trails make it a great option for adventurous travelers. The scenic views on offer are simply stunning; paddy fields coat the ground while distinctive mounts rise dramatically amongst them. The lush and verdant valleys coupled with its rich flora and fauna mean that Cuc Phong is permanently covered in a mosaic of greens and yellows. Home to a whole menagerie of different animals, amphibians, birds and fish, this delightful national park has a wide variety of attractions for visitors to revel in. As well as the park itself, there are a number of important conservation centers within its boundaries that are critical to the continued survival of pangolins, primates, and turtles.

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