Best Asia destinations for Yoga lovers

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Best Asia destinations for Yoga lovers
If you’re unsure where to start your next wellness tour or experience, these are the top destinations for yoga retreats in Asia.

  • Bali


    Indonesia’s hotspot, Bali lives up to its claim to fame as the most famous surf spot in the world with daunting breaks including Padang Padang and the Uluwatu. There are ample spots for beginners learning to surf as well and breaks like Canggu which offer something for all levels.

    Bali is widely known for some of the world’s best yoga classes. You’ll find every form of yoga offered here. Bali is a hotspot for globetrotting teachers touring around the world. Check out the schedule of that world-renowned teacher you follow on Instagram and maybe they’ll be guest teaching during your Bali getaway. Bali is much more than just a surfer and yoga paradise. Here you’ll find genuinely warm people with a rich and diverse culture that’s hard to beat. Bali alludes to a spiritual essence with its daily flower petal offerings and temple ceremonies. From the peace and quiet found deep in the jungles to breathtaking beaches and unbeatable nightlife, Bali has it all.

    When to go:
    The best time to surf in Indonesia is during the dry season from May to September, but you can find decent surfing from April to October too.

  • Sri Lanka

    Sri LankaSri Lanka

    In some regards, Sri Lanka has remained an unexploited paradise, located in the Indian Ocean south of its giant neighbour India, full of hidden gems. However, in recent years travellers are beginning to uncover its charm and its alluring history, natural beauty and culture. Sri Lanka boasts peaceful beaches, thousands of wild elephants, ancient temples, tea plantation tours, exceptional cuisine and world-class hiking.

    Don’t underestimate Sri Lanka’s relatively smaller size, as its 1,340 kilometres of coastline is jam-packed with incredible surf spots. While Sri Lanka has waves in all shapes and sizes for all levels, it’s particularly appealing to beginner surfers. Its numerous sand bottomed breaks with very consistent swells bring in the perfect sized wave to practice on, practically year round.

    How many people do you know who can say they’ve practised yoga in the forests of central Sri Lanka or a stone’s throw away from its stunning beaches? While yoga in Sri Lanka is certainly not new to the region, it is slowly but surely gaining popularity, so book your next retreat before it becomes too crowded!

    When to go:
    The best time to surf the east coast will be from May to September and the best waves in the south can be found from October to April.

  • India


    While India is the birthplace of yoga and draws in heaps of yogis year round, it has somehow managed to stay off the surf radar despite the fact that you can find surfable waves here year round. With its massive 7,500 km of coastlines, there are numerous hidden surfing spots with unimaginable crystal clear waters and immaculate beaches.

    The best surfing spots can be found at Kovalam, Auroville, Varkala, Goa, Mahabalipuram and Andamana. Chose to completely immerse yourself in the surf and yoga state of mind, or get out and explore the hustle and bustle and intoxicating finesse of India. From the Himalayas to the beaches of Varkala, India encompasses an incredible array of landscape and cultures, arguably the most spiritually vibrant place on earth.

    When to go
    The swells are smaller during the peak sunny and dry season from December to February which is great for beginner to intermediate surfers. The bigger swells can be found offseason in October, November and March to May, however, the weather is less predictable these months.

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