Best dimsum restaurants in Beijing

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Best dimsum restaurants in Beijing
If you are an authentic Chinese food lover, you must be familiar with dimsums. Here, we pick the best restaurants in Beijing where you can get the best shrimp dumplings, steamed creamy custard buns, and char siu bao.

  • Tang Palace

    Tang PalaceTang Palace

    Owned by the Hong Kong Tang Palace Food and Beverage Group, the Tang Palace chain restaurant is almost a household name for dim sum in Beijing. With deluxe décor and a spacious dining hall that resembles the traditional large dim sum restaurants in Guangdong, the Tang Palace is popular among customers from Guangdong. It is said that the branch inside the Beijing Tibet Hotel is the best of all, though you have to find out on your own if it’s true

  • Crystal Jade Restaurant

    Crystal Jade RestaurantCrystal Jade Restaurant

    The restaurant in the SKP Shopping Mall is on the must-go list of dim sum lovers in Beijing. It not only features the classic dim sum like shrimp dumplings, chaoshan fenguo, and chilled mango sago pomelo dessert, but also the contemporary dishes like the most photographed tomatoes with Japanese sesame dressing – wait, you said you didn’t see the dressing? It’s inside the tomatoes!

  • Dragon Court

    Dragon CourtDragon Court

    Indeed, it seems that only the dim sum restaurants with deluxe décor can go with such name today. What’s more, the Dragon Court has proved with its food that the name is no exaggeration. Its steamed creamy custard buns are said to be the best in Beijing, because it managed to achieve the just the right consistency of the creamy custard inside the buns, which is quite tricky. You may also try chaoshan casserole porridge and Guangdong dishes other than dim sum here.

  • Lei Garden

    Lei GardenLei Garden

    Lei Garden is an old and well-established restaurant brand for Guangdong cuisine, with Michelin-starred branches in both Hong Kong and Shanghai. Its signature dish Cantonese crispy pork belly, with strictly selected top-quality pork and a sophisticated cooking process, is a taste from heaven. Just remember to reserve the dish before you go to the restaurant, because it’s highly possible that the dish will be sold out!

  • Hengshan Hui

    Hengshan HuiHengshan Hui

    The restaurant has been the favorite of people from Guangdong and Hong Kong who live in Beijing since its opening in 2008. The authentic flavours of its dim sum have made all praises redundant. What’s also special at Hengshan Hui is its down-to-earth atmosphere that reminds people of the local Guangdong restaurants, where guests actually see dim sum as part of their life instead of a special treat.

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