Bhutan - Happiness is a place. Bhutan is the last great Himalayan Kingdom, where traditional Buddhist and Hinduism cultures have a strong influence on people all over the world. Located in the Eastern side of the Mighty Himalayas, there are so many beautiful valleys and grasslands in Bhutan. - Bạn đang xem trang 2
A journey to Himalayas
A home to the highest peaks on the planet, the Himalayas begin in Pakistan stretching across India, Bhutan, and Nepal until reaching China in the east. This is a majestic landscape of mountains, deep valleys, and glaciers, dominated by Mount Everest.

Discovering the unknown in Bhutan
Nestled among the mighty snow-capped Himalayas, Bhutan is thought by many to be a strangely unique kingdom, blending ancient features with legend, making this hypnotic land even more mysterious and seductive than ever before.

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