A nation rich in diversity, Malaysia is truly a racial melting pot where Malay, Indian, Chinese and small ethnic groups live together. With a tropical climate all year round, Malaysia is an exciting holiday destination as it has everything - beautiful beaches, dense jungles, high forested mountains and world-renowned resorts. Kuala Lumpur - the bustling city with the phenomenal architecture Petronas Twins towers satisfies people all around the world. - Bạn đang xem trang 3
7 best food stalls and restaurants in Little India, Malaysia
Little India near Kuala Lumpur Sentral bursts with the sounds, smells and tastes of India, right in the heart of Malaysia’s capital.

Visit Borneo's best islands in Malaysia
Malaysian Borneo, or Sabah, can be defined as a tropical wonderland with dense virgin rainforest, vast biodiversity and hundreds of nearby islands. Check out the following top five islands in Sabah for world-class diving, snorkelling and to see a mysterious mud ...

Where to get best desserts in Penang
It takes a lot for Penangites to swap their ais kacang (sweet shaved ice dessert) and pisang goreng (banana fritters) for other desserts, but swap they have, because these 6 places have made Penang a sweeter place all around.

The famous landmarks in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Not only just a pretty sight, the monuments that decorate the skyline and postcards of Kuala Lumpur have their own slice of profound history, which is rooted in their construction. Keep these fun facts in mind the next time you visit and surprise your fellow sightseers ...

The common scams in Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur is mostly a safe place for tourists and locals alike but as with any country that you visit, it is always wise to take precautions and be aware of your surroundings. There will always be con artists and tricksters just waiting for their chance to make ...

The best things to do in Kuching, Malaysia
Kuching, Malaysia is a city often overlooked by travelers to the island of Borneo. With its rich history, delicious food, and friendly locals, Kuching is an inviting and welcoming place. Unlike many cities in Asia, it is not overly built up or flooded with ...

Do not miss these coffee shops in Malacca
Malacca is the perfect destination for a short getaway or a change of environment to unwind and recharge. For those of you who have not been to Malacca in a while, you will be happy to know that the cafes in Malacca are quite an interesting sight to behold.

The best markets in Penang, Malaysia
If you are in Penang for a vacation and are looking to do some shopping, then your desires will certainly be fulfilled.

Visit 10 most beautiful mosques in Malaysia
Islam is one of the main religions practiced by Malays and a small percentage of other races in Malaysia. They do their daily prayers at the mosques, which have stunning Islamic design elements. Here are the most wondrous mosques to visit in Malaysia.

Beat the summer heat with 6 theme parks in Malaysia
Malaysia is one of the favorite destinations in the world when it comes to fun places to visit with family and friends. And to add more fun to your vacation, the extravagant theme parks in Malaysia attract thousands of visitors from far and wide every year. Serving as ...

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