Do not miss the unique coffee shops in Japan

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Do not miss the unique coffee shops in Japan
Aside from the obvious tourist attractions to see, your travel to Japan is never complete without going on a food trip. You want to try some of the must-try places like Ichiran and the Tsujiri fish market, but Tokyo is also home to some of the craziest themed restaurants and cafes in the world.

These featured ones take on wild and unusual concepts, which is probably why we just cannot help but love Japan’s quirky and indescribable appeal.
  • Pokémon Café

    Pokémon CaféPokémon Café

    Pokémon fans, this one is for you. After celebrating its recent opening on 14 March, Pokémon Center Tokyo DX, better known as one of the largest Pokémon retail stores, will also host the iconic Pokémon Café. The café welcomes its patrons with an intriguing display of decorations comprising Poké Balls and super-cute Pokémon characters.

    Beyond the décor, the food is definitely the main highlight of the café. Each and every item on the menu features different themes from the beloved franchise. With the prices ranging between JPY800-JPY1700 (~S$10-20), get to tuck into Pikachu Omurice, nosh on Jigglypuff cakes, savour Eevee’s Teriyaki Chicken Burger or quench your thirst with Vaporeon Float Drink. This café is sure to captivate fans from across generations and around the world.

  • Maid Café

    Maid CaféMaid Café

    Be master for a day at Maidreamin maid café. As you enter, waitresses dressed in cosplay maid outfits will be ready to welcome you and show you to your seat. Japan does not disappoint when it comes to roleplaying, café maids are highly skilled in the art of kawaii.

  • Kawaii Monster Cafe

    Kawaii Monster CafeKawaii Monster Cafe

    Kawaii Monster Cafe is all about the ‘kawaii’ culture of Harajuku, with girls dressed up in the most eccentric outfits you have ever seen, in a wild and colorful setting. This is a one-of-a-kind cafe that is uniquely, Japan. Even the meals and cakes here are too beautiful to eat.

  • Rakugo Café

    Rakugo CaféRakugo Café

    If you are a passionate fan of Japanese culture and tradition, it will be a shame not to experience Rakugo when you have café-hopping around Tokyo. This traditional art of storytelling dates back to the 17th century, where one storyteller plays all the roles and recites the monologues before his audience.

    With only the aid of his body gestures, expressions, a fan and a hand towel, the Rakugo storyteller puts in a lot of effort in getting the story across. Although Rakugo theatres can be spotted in many areas, the Rakugo café allows you to appreciate this ancient art while sipping on their coffee and wine. Books, CDs and DVDs related to the art of Rakugo, are also available in the café to educate the patrons.

  • Ninja Akasaka: Ninja Café

    Ninja Akasaka: Ninja CaféNinja Akasaka: Ninja Café

    If you thrive in cheesiness, then Ninja Akasaka is right up your ally. As soon as you enter the café, a ninja appears and guides you through mysterious corridors to your private booth. Ninja stars, katana, ninja themed dishes and dim lighting all create the perfect concoction for a night to make you feel like the most cliché tourist that ever lived. It is worth it though; the effort and time put into the restaurant’s theme does not overshadow the quality of the food.

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