Do not miss these shows in Macau

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Do not miss these shows in Macau
Macau offers an impressive selection of high quality shows and performances, both permanent and those passing through. Here is a list of all the great shows and performances in Macau.

  • Crazy Paris Show and the Cabaret

    Crazy Paris Show and the CabaretCrazy Paris Show and the Cabaret

    Next up on stage is the Crazy Paris show at the Grand Lisboa. This one is for the adults. The Crazy Paris show has been on the stage of the last 28 years and features a range of B-rate singers and dancers throwing themselves into cabaret classics, think Moulin Rouge inspired Can-Can dance. It is not innovative but it is a classic casino show. Best of all? It is completely free. This floor shows take place every day behind the bar on the 1st floor of the casino.

  • The House of Dancing Water

    The House of Dancing WaterThe House of Dancing Water

    Macau’s $250 million The House of Dancing Water is the world’s largest water-based production. Produced by legendary Las Vegas show-maker Franco Dragone (he directed Cirque du Soleil’s most prestigious shows in the 1990s), the 85-minute spectacle combines water stunts, acrobatics, aerial arts and theatre.

    Water is undoubtedly the star of the show. The performance pool is capable of holding up to 3.7 million gallons – the equivalent of more than five Olympic-sized swimming pools. Remarkably, with the help of 11 hydraulic 10-tonne lifts, the stage can convert from an aquatic pool to a solid floor in less than a minute.

  • The House of Magic

    The House of MagicThe House of Magic

    Indulge in the heavenly illusions of world renowned illusionist Franz Harary and his breathtaking magic tricks. Situated in Studio City, Macau’s largest entertainment spot, this magical performance literally transports you into another world with a three theatre performance arena and state-of-the-art sound and light systems.

  • The Monkey King

    The Monkey KingThe Monkey King

    This large-scale fantasy stage play is a modern adaptation of the acclaimed 16th-century Chinese novel Journey to the West. It tells the story of the famous monk, Xuan Zang from the Tang Dynasty (602 – 664) who embarks on an epic journey to the West in what is arguably one of the most famous and enduring stories told in Chinese folklore.

    The classic Chinese tale is brought to life by a team of talented artists, acrobats, ballet dancers, and martial arts masters from all around the world including stars from the National Peking Opera, as well as former cast members of Cirque du Soleil.

  • Taboo!


    The newest creation from renowned theatre director Franco Dragone, of ‘The House of Dancing Water’ fame to hit Macau, ‘Taboo’ is a mischievous indulgence of spectacular performers and provocative acts. Challenge your senses with a diverse array of interactive and innovative performances, featuring a cast of beautiful and talented artists from around the world. For a unique and sophisticated theatrical experience, exclusive to adults, there is only one show in Macau that fits the bill.

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