Do not miss these specialties in Jeju island, South Korea

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Do not miss these specialties in Jeju island, South Korea
Jeju island is off the coast of South Korea, known as the “Island Of the Gods”. Jeju Island is best known for being the home to many deep-diving women, or Haenyeos who would put on their wetsuits to dive into the sea for the freshest octopus, clams, squid, seaweed and other kinds of seafood.

Moreover, you should know that raw seafood is the specialty of many restaurants in Jeju island, on top of their local produce such as barbecued pork from Jeju’s black pigs and pheasants.
  • Black Pork BBQ

    Black Pork BBQBlack Pork BBQ

    One of Jeju Island’s most famous dish, black pork is served in traditional Korean BBQ style where you get to grill your own meat on top of burning charcoal. Choose to have the succulent meat in a vegetable wrap and some dipping sauce or have it plain with rice as a filler.

    There are plenty of restaurants serving black pork on Jeju Island, so there really is no excuse for you to miss this out.

  • Buckwheat Noodles

    Buckwheat NoodlesBuckwheat Noodles

    Many people enjoy having their buckwheat noodles cold, especially in summer. Nothing beats a refreshing bowl of cold noodles when you are trying to cool off from the sweltering heat.

    Buckwheat noodles can be eaten with other dishes such as cuttlefish, as pheasant buckwheat noodles or on its own.

  • Abalone Rice Porridge

    Abalone Rice PorridgeAbalone Rice Porridge

    Abalone are caught fresh every day. Mix them with rice porridge, Korean spices, and you get an amazing meal. You might not like the rice porridge at first time, but just try, you will love it more than you expect.

  • Mandarins


    Jeju Island is known for incredible mandarin oranges that grow there. You can see the orange trees all around the island.

    And of course, you can buy them anywhere. They are a special variety, cultivated on this island for hundreds of years, and they are incredible. Make sure to get the “Hallasan Mandarins”, they have a little mountain top on them that looks like Mt. Hallasan. These are the most delicious in Jeju island.

  • Samsunghyeol Haemultang

    Samsunghyeol HaemultangSamsunghyeol Haemultang

    Haemultang is a spicy seafood hotpot, filled with an abundance of fresh seafood. It is popular all over Korea, but the Jeju version is especially tasty due to the availability of a wide variety of delicious shellfish and other seafoods.

    The dish is bursting with flavour and healthy vitamins; as well as seafood, the rich broth contains a number of vegetables, and is seasoned with gochujang, a spicy bean paste. Haemultang is the specialty dish at Samsunghyeol Haemultang, and the restaurant also boasts an extensive menu of other seafood options.

  • Grilled Mackerel

    Grilled MackerelGrilled Mackerel

    Any local from Jeju Island will tell you that mackerel is one of their favourite fish types. It is an inexpensive type of fish that is usually grilled or braised. Although it looks plain and ordinary on the outside, the flesh of a mackerel is very soft and flavorful if handled by an experienced chef.

  • Fresh Live Octopus

    Fresh Live OctopusFresh Live Octopus

    The world is fascinated by these wriggling worm-like octopus tentacles which has made its way into tons of food videos. The octopus is cut up while alive and served on a plate with dipping sauce at the side.

    Follow the Korean way by having your octopus raw but if that is too much for you, opt to have it in a seafood hotpot instead.

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