Enjoy your life in Phi Phi Island, Thailand

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Enjoy your life in Phi Phi Island, Thailand
Though the island itself may be quite small, there are actually lots of things to do on Phi Phi Island to make the most of your time there. From activities during the day involving the sun and sand, to nighttime adventures involving fire shows and dancing on the beach, Phi Phi Island has something for everyone.

  • Phi Phi View Point

    Phi Phi View PointPhi Phi View Point

    Koh Phi Phi Don has an unusual shape – like an ‘H’ – with its main village built on the horizontal bar, a 100m flat strip of sand stuck between Dalum Bay to the north and Tonsai Bay to the south. The two vertical bars of the H are mountainous and covered with jungle.

    Phi Phi View Point is located to the east of the flat strip of sand and overlooks the village and the two bays. It is a picture-postcard setting sure to impress friends back home! Situated at an altitude of 186m, it roughly takes between 20 and 40 minutes to get there on a well-trodden and paved path. Photographers should consider climbing up there right before lunch time to benefit from the best lighting (the view point faces sun in the afternoon). There is a small store selling drinks and snacks at the top.

  • Laze by the Beach

    Laze by the BeachLaze by the Beach

    Since you are on an island surrounded by water and a beautiful beach, you should obviously take advantage of that by spending at least half a day soaking up the sun on the beach. There are tonnes of comfy beach chairs scattered along the beach, though they all belong to the restaurant or bar behind them, not all of these places will make you buy a drink to use their chairs. Whether you are nursing a hangover or are just wanting to relax and get a tan, spending some time on the beach is sure to make your day a little brighter.

  • Get Lost by the Walkways

    Get Lost by the WalkwaysGet Lost by the Walkways

    ‘Cause this one is bound to happen. In the middle of Phi Phi Island, there seems to be hundreds of intersecting walkways with little shops, restaurants, and bars lining both sides, making it an interesting yet confusing experience to try to navigate your way from one place to the next.

  • Moo Dee Bay

    Moo Dee BayMoo Dee Bay

    Moo Dee Bay (Loh Moo Dee in Thai) hosts a 500m-long white sand beach bordered by emerald waters. Situated on the east coast of Koh Phi Phi Don, it is the perfect escape from the crowd. The beach offers its visitors pleasant snorkelling opportunities, mostly at both ends of the bay. A Rasta-run shack sells food and drinks. The easiest way to get there is to hire a long-tail boat near Tonsai jetty, which will take you to Moo Dee in about 20mn for a fee of 150/200 baht (you must test your bargaining skill).

  • Get Wet and Wild at a Pool Party

    Get Wet and Wild at a Pool PartyGet Wet and Wild at a Pool Party

    Pool parties are really fun. Unlike Koh Phangan where the pool parties are during the night, Phi Phi has their pool parties during the day from 2:00 – 6:00 pm. Their pool party had amazing music from a DJ, delicious drinks and drinking games, tonnes of people, and best of all, it was absolutely free.

  • Start Your Night with a Fire Show

    Start Your Night with a Fire ShowStart Your Night with a Fire Show

    Before the late night partying begins, you can chill out on the beach in a lounge cushion, drink in hand, while you watch a fire show. These fire shows are immensely popular throughout Thailand, so if you have done a bit of traveling already, it is highly likely you have already seen a fire show. Regardless, it is a good way to start your night on the beach before the beats take over. Just do not sit too close if you do not want to accidentally become part of the show when the entertainer slips up.

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