Experience summer activities in Ha Long Bay

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Experience summer activities in Ha Long Bay
Ha Long Bay is a paradise for all different kinds of sports, from water sports to ground-based ones. Here are the most-loved activities in Ha Long Bay that everyone should try when traveling to Ha Long Bay once.

  • Swimming


    Ha Long Bay was blessed with calm and clear sea water. Therefore, there is no better way to experience wild nature of Ha Long Bay than swimming. Dipping in cool jade-green water of Ha Long Bay, tourists will feel relaxing and calming. Moreover, Ha Long Bay is a safe place for swimming as the water is calm, tourists will be provided with life jackets. The sailors and staff of the ship always watch out for swimmers in case unfortunate incidents happened.

  • Kayaking


    Ha Long Bay is considered one of the most ideal places for kayaking in the world. Kayaking service is available with many imported kayaks. Each kayak boat can carry two people. It may be difficult to kayak at first but after being used to it, kayaking can escalate into a new level of excitement. The most suitable places to kayak are the Luon Cave, Three Peaches Island, Ba Ham Lake, Dau Be Island and Co Cave.

  • Cruising


    Visiting the most famous Vietnam World Heritage Site by cruises is bound to be one of the highlights of your travel itinerary in Vietnam. Cruising is the best way to explore and feel the attraction of Ha Long Bay. Visitors could see drowned karst landscape that has been elevated and eroded over millions of years to create thousands of smaller mountains.

    Depending on your budget, visitors can choose for a luxurious cruiser or budget diesel-powered junk to explore Ha Long Bay. Spend at least an overnight stay as there are plenty of amazing things to see and do. These cruises typically include English speaking guides, hotel transfers, and entrance fees, meals, and on-board entertainment.

  • Cycling and Trekking

    Cycling and TrekkingCycling and Trekking

    In order to enjoy a quiet atmosphere and scenic setting on the beach, cycling and trekking will be a good suggestion for a trip in Ha Long Bay. Ha Long Bay and Cat Ba Island are ideal trekking and cycling destinations to explore the typical wild nature of Vietnam. Visitors can choose various trek routes to challenge themselves.

    When trekking on the beach, tourists can freely enjoy warm white sands and gaze at stunning seascape of Ha Long. Trekking in Ban Sen Island, Quan Lan Island, Cat Ba Island and Titov Island are highly suggested. In addition, visitors can cycle in some fishing villages such as Viet Hai village, Cat Ba Island or Tuan Chau Island.

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