Experience the great destinations in Nam Du island

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Experience the great destinations in Nam Du island
Nam Du is a small archipelago (near Phu Quoc island) of Kien Giang province. The largest island is Hon Lon (Large Islet), locally called Cu Tron islet. Nam Du tourism is at its early stage so everything is still pristine and natural. Below are some destinations you should visit in Nam Du.

  • Nam Du Lighthouse

    Nam Du LighthouseNam Du Lighthouse

    Nam Du Lighthouse is located on the top of Hon Lon Island, 300 meters above the sea level and it is considered to be the highest lighthouse in all of Vietnam. With this height, tourists can see the most beautiful panorama of Nam Du island. However, it is a restricted military zone and most visitors to Nam Du will not be able to visit it without "tipping" someone or being invited by the military.

  • Hon Lon (Hòn Lớn) (Lon Isle)

    Hon Lon (Hòn Lớn) (Lon Isle)Hon Lon (Hòn Lớn) (Lon Isle)

    Being a beautiful bay enclosed in the Gulf of Thailand, Hon Lon is considered the most beautiful beach in the Nam Du archipelago. There are green coconut trees with the life of up to 70 to 80 years. Coming here, you will dive to catch fish or squid or enjoy the colorful corals. The sea water is clear and cool here.

  • Nom isle (Hòn Nồm)

    Nom isle (Hòn Nồm)Nom isle (Hòn Nồm)

    As one of 11 inhabited islands, there is just the family of Mr. Duong Van Sau (Dương Văn Sáu) living in this island. The island was reclaimed and built by Mr. Vuong Van Kieu (Vương Văn Kiều) in 1960. The whole island has an area of about 10 hectares, but only 3 ha is arable, the remaining area is completely rocky.

  • Ma Thien Lanh Hill (Đồi Ma Thiên Lãnh)

    Ma Thien Lanh Hill (Đồi Ma Thiên Lãnh)Ma Thien Lanh Hill (Đồi Ma Thiên Lãnh)

    Most visitors visiting Hon Son all prefer to explore the Ma Thien Lanh hill, which preserves many myths that all people here know. That was the fairies often descending the mountain top, called as the fairy yard. Later on, this place has many trees, purity caves so many Taoist hermits come here to sit in meditation. On the way to Ma Thien Lanh, there is an exposed Buddha statute, and many traces of ancient people recorded on stones.

  • Cay Men beach

    Cay Men beachCay Men beach

    Cay Men beach is the most beautiful beach of Nam Du archipelago with green row of coconut, white sands and blue sea. You can have drinks and foods here, rent jet skis, and even stay here with a family that keeps this beach clean.
    It is not crowded so you can freely have fun and swim.

  • Chet beach (Bãi Chệt)

    Chet beach (Bãi Chệt)Chet beach (Bãi Chệt)

    According to the folk back in the 16th century, there was a hug battle between the Netherlands and Chinese cruise on the way to Phu Quoc (Phú Quốc) for trading. A few days later, there were hundreds of Chinese corpses pulling over this beach, so since then, people called this beach as Bai Chet.

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