Explore Ninh Thuan, a new attraction in Vietnam

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Explore Ninh Thuan, a new attraction in Vietnam
Have you planned to explore Ninh Thuan – one of the attractive travel spots? To grab what your expect as well as add memorable experiences to your lifetime actually needs a detailed itinerary which is mapped out through your research about this location. Do not hesitate to see the following useful information about deserving places to visit in Ninh Thuan, which can help.

  • Vinh Hy Bay

    Vinh Hy BayVinh Hy Bay

    Vinh Hy is located in Vinh Hai commune, Ninh Hai district, 42 kilometers far from Phan Giang city in the Northeast. As traveling to Vinh Hy, you have experience of discovering vast blue sea, enormous forests and mountains. To tour around Vinh Hy bay on boat is very exciting for you while you can take a panoramic picture that is both pristine and quiet, but not less poetic. Then, you may take a visit to Chua mountain which is not far from Vinh Hy bay.

    Leaving Vinh Hy, you will go across a chain-bridge and spend 15 minutes walking to reach nature conversation area of Chua mountain. In fact, this place is so fresh and quiet that we could be restful and forget stress in daily busy life. Along with sightseeing, you are advised to swim in pure cool stream, feel relaxing moments.

  • Po Klong Garai Tower

    Po Klong Garai TowerPo Klong Garai Tower

    Located in the proximity of Phan Rang City, Ninh Thuan Province, Po Klong Garai Tower will surely be an inspiring spot for travelers to gain the specific understanding of Cham ethnic community. The tower was constructed between 13th and 14th centuries in order to show respect and admiration for King Po Klong Garai. There are unique structures featured in the tower, such as Chinh (the key tower), Cong (the tower gate), and Hoa (the fire tower), which has appealed more and more tourists from many regions in the world. Especially, you will totally get absorbed with the tower’s surfaces and walls since they are engraved with leaves, dragons, humans, and sacred cows.

  • Nam Cuong Sand Hill

    Nam Cuong Sand HillNam Cuong Sand Hill

    Nam Cuong sand hill with total area of 700 hectares.When coming to Nam Cuong hill, tourists will admire smooth, iridescent yellow sand dunes under sunshine. Accidentally and intriguingly, you may catch Cham girls wearing graceful and charming Cham traditional dress. In original way, Nam Cuong sand dunes’s shape is changed every hour, every minute and every second that you have never seen your footmark though you have just left it.

    The great time to visit sand dunes is in the sunrise, when standing on the top of Nam Cuong sand hill, you can sightsee and feel the glow of dawn is gradually rising up, prevasively spreading out sand dunes to make lithe, subtle, striking and eye-catching beauty. Also, from the sight of Nam Cuong, you will view grandiose beautiful Cha Bang– the mountain which is attached to Ponai legend of Cham people in the past.

  • Ninh Chu Beach

    Ninh Chu BeachNinh Chu Beach

    Ninh Chu Beach, belonging to Binh Son Village, Khanh Hai Town, is referred to as one of the most beautiful and unspoiled beaches in the Central Vietnam. Actually, the beach among places to visit in Ninh Thuan for your Vietnam tour is naturally endowed with magnificent seascapes which have been the certain potential for developing the provincial tourism. That is the reason why there are an increasing number of tourists to the spot year by year. In addition to the beach’s advantageous sources, the clean turquoise water, white sand, and fresh air are absolutely suitable for different activities, such as swimming, waterskiing, fishing, cruising, and climbing.

  • Vineyards


    Taking a tour to vineyards in Ninh Thuan always creates attraction and interest to almost tourists. Many people feel delighted for the first time coming here, while others are lured into the lush green and cool space. Some people also wonder why such an extreme hot place can have the delicious fruit. Famous vineyards in Ninh Thuan are Ba Moi, Thai An, and gardens along Dinh River. During tours in Ninh Thuan to Ba Moi Vineyard, visitors do not just taste sweet grapes and grape molasses free, take photos, and listen to the introduction of the vineyard, but also enjoy homestay experience and parties under the grape tree grids.

  • Hang Rai (Otter Cave)

    Hang Rai (Otter Cave)Hang Rai (Otter Cave)

    In the Road 702 to Vinh Hy Bay, Hang Rai is situated on the left of the first bridge in Thai An Hamlet, Vinh Hai Commune, about 35km from the city center. The cave is looking forwards to the exploration of travelers to discover and admire the stunning scenery here. The cave is portrayed by big blocks of stone piled on each other, creating an amazing scenery. Here is also the home to otter that is the reason why the cave is called Hang Rai or Otter Cave. Otter Cave is suitable for sightseeing or fishing. Many famous photographers come here to "hunt" the best scenery of dawn or moss season.

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