Explore the taste of Mekong Delta cuisine in Vietnam

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Explore the taste of Mekong Delta cuisine in Vietnam
When most of the cities in Vietnam tend to be hooked into the widely global supply chain, their culinary flavors are also becoming more homogenous. From hamburgers and pizzas to shopping in large supermarkets, diets of citizens have been gradually moving in line with the rest of the world. However, this trend has no impact on the Mekong Delta where people here still rely on local sources and make food on their own.

While wandering around one local market in the delta, you can find it easy to catch the image of rats, scorpions, snakes, etc. being sold everywhere. From fish noodle soup to flavorful bee worm salad, these are a lot of specialty foods in Mekong Delta that you shouldn’t ignore while visiting this beautiful and peaceful region. 
  • Coconut Mouse

    Coconut MouseCoconut Mouse

    Mouse is the animal which usually damages coconut tree, it is why people usually catch it for food. Mouse is cooked into many dishes such as grilled rats, steamed rats, curry and the real star of the list is steamed coconut rats in the rice cooker. The more you eat, the more you are in love with this food.

  • Coconut Candy

    Coconut CandyCoconut Candy

    As one of the most common candies in the S-shaped country, coconut candy has its root from Ben Tre province. When it comes to Ben Tre, the first thing that pops up in people’s mind is the image of coconut trees. Coconuts are used in many different ways, from food, beverage to candy. Generally, coconut candy is produced in a very simple way with basic ingredients, including coconut water, malt syrup, and sugar.

  • Sa Dec Noodle Soup

    Sa Dec Noodle SoupSa Dec Noodle Soup

    Sa Dec noodle soup is one of most popular dishes of Vietnamese western specialties. It has sweet taste, chewy and distinctive flavor. The noodle can be cooked in many ways. Dry noodle is not a bad idea as you eat noodle and soup in separated bowls.

  • Cho Moi’s fried ticky rice

    Cho Moi’s fried ticky riceCho Moi’s fried ticky rice

    Cho Moi is derived from rich alluvial soils around the year so that local glutinous rice has high quality. Glutinous combined with beans makes a delicious sticky rice dish. Trying fried sticky rice in Cho Moi with or without chili sauce, soy sauce is still exciting. Visitors can enjoy this dish with roasted chicken. Chicken is a little chewy, sweet and roasted by hands in other to keep its featured taste . Fried sticky rice of Mrs. Hong in Cho Moi town is the best choice for you to try when visiting An Giang province.

  • Pia Cake

    Pia CakePia Cake

    Pia cake gets its name famous as a specialty in Soc Trang province, Mekong Delta. Thanks to its unique and sweet flavor, tourists easily want to eat more and more. While the cake’s crust is made from both tapioca flour and wheat flour, its filling is made from sticky rice flour, mung bean paste, salted duck egg, and pork fat. Sometimes, you can feel the pure scent of durian. That is because durian is also added to make “cake with durian flavor.”
    As a gourmet, you should cut the Pia cake as 8 small pieces by using a sharp knife. It is usually enjoyed with a cup of tea.

  • Snake fish congee

    Snake fish congeeSnake fish congee

    Snake fish congee is another specialty in Mekong Delta which you could not find outside Vietnam. It is simple to cook this food. Just cook the rice and snake fish in a big pot. The snake fish is cooked enough until it is tender but not mushy. Then it is served on a plate with water hyssop, a bitter vegetable, spinach, a popular vegetable greens and straw mushroom. How to eat this food? You have to use the spoon to ladle the congee and use the chopsticks to get the fish meat and season it with fish sauce. You also get the fresh vegetables by chopsticks. Do not be worried because the locals will tell you how to do it in right way.

  • Banh bo thot not Chau Doc

    Banh bo thot not Chau DocBanh bo thot not Chau Doc

    Palm leaves are often used for roofing and fuels. Old trees are used to make house pillars, tables, chairs. Particularly, palmyra brings to foodies an unforgettable taste by simple but amazing dishes such as palm rice, palm juice or palm sugar. Among these dishes, the one to impress tourists most in the harvest season is steamed rice cake with palm sugar.

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