Facts about Hanbok that you may not know

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Facts about Hanbok that you may not know
Hanbok is Korea's traditional costume. The costume is not only elegant looking but also full of interesting facts. Follow this article to find out more about this piece of Korea's pride.

  • History of Hanbok

    History of HanbokHistory of Hanbok

    The common image of Hanbok that everyone sees today was created and fixed during the reign of the Joseon Dynasty, over 1600 years ago. Each class was also divided into a hierarchy of male and female. That’s why the Hanbok outfits that appeared during this period were very diverse so that it could express one’s social class.

  • Fabrics used in Hanbok

    Fabrics used in HanbokFabrics used in Hanbok

    Fabrics used to sew Hanbok were quite diverse. In the past, Koreans used silk to sew the vestment lines. For everyday-wear, the Koreans used hemp or linen. Today we use many synthetic materials to tailor the modern form of Hanbok

  • Colors in Hanbok

    Colors in HanbokColors in Hanbok

    There is a variety of colors scheme used to make a Hanbok outfit. There is no restriction on the choice of colors used to make the Hanbok. They are usually made in a blend of colorful designs. Short jackets for women always include bright yellow, burgundy or turquoise with wide sleeved skirts in navy. Hanboks for men are usually made in white, black and blue.

  • Koreans wear different Hanbok for different occasions

    Koreans wear different Hanbok for different occasionsKoreans wear different Hanbok for different occasions

    The Hanbok varies according to different circumstances. For those who work or have a job that is an important or of formal nature, they have a specific outfit. For a wedding, there will be a special Hanbok. For a funeral, there will be one for mourning and when Koreans hold ancestor sacrifices, they wear a ceremonial Hanbok. It depends on the purpose of events that Koreans attend.

    Recently, a modern version of the Hanbok has received lots of attention from people, especially young people who love to use it as a street outfit.

  • The differences between male and female outfits

    The differences between male and female outfitsThe differences between male and female outfits

    One thing that we can easily recognize about the male and female Hanbok is that for men, the traditional Hanbok has less complicated seams and decorative patterns in comparison to female Hanbok. In general, male outfits focus on simplicity and convenience. For women, there are many more of cloth, with 6 different types of seams including the inside pronged seams to make Hanbok socks.

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