Fall Festivals in Asia

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Fall Festivals in Asia
Like other big holidays in Asia, these fall festivals attract tourists who love celebrations as well.

  • 1. The Mid-Autumn Festival

    1. The Mid-Autumn Festival1. The Mid-Autumn Festival

    Also known as the Chinese Moon Festival, or known as the "Mooncake Festival" the Mid-Autumn Festival is a celebration of the harvest. The day is celebrated throughout Asia and is a public holiday in Taiwan and Hong Kong. The Mid-Autumn Festival is about enjoying a short respite from work to have reunions with family, friends, and relatives. Mooncakes are exchanged beneath the full moon with someone special. It's time to express romances.

    Where: Throughout Asia, especially places with large ethnic Chinese populations
    When: Dates change, usually in September

  • 2. Malaysia Day

    2. Malaysia Day2. Malaysia Day

    Not to be confused with Hari Merdeka, Malaysia's celebration of gaining independence from the British Empire, Malaysia Day is a patriotic celebration to commemorate the formation of the Federation of Malaysia.

    The day is celebrated with patriotic festivities along with a parade and speeches. Malaysia Day is an exciting time to travel in Malaysia.

    Where: Throughout Malaysia and Borneo, with the epicenter in Kuala Lumpur
    When: Annually on September 16

  • China's National Day

    China's National DayChina's National Day

    China’s most patriotic holiday is National Day on October 1. Concerts, pro-government gatherings, and fireworks mark the occasion.

    The day also kicks off one of China’s Golden Week holiday periods, meaning that things get even busier and busier in Beijing. Hundreds of thousands of people living in the countryside head into the capital for a rare glimpse of Tienanmen Square. Attractive tourism places such as the Great Wall and the terracotta soldiers in Xi'an become crowded with traveling locals. Hotels and public transportations also fill up. The first week of October is the busiest time to visit China.

    Where: In big cities throughout China, with the epicenter in Beijing
    When: Annually on October 1, last approximately a week

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