Fall in love with Cherry Blossom products in Japan

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Fall in love with Cherry Blossom products in Japan
Hanami or cherry blossom season isn’t just a feast for the eyes! This yearly phenomenon also ushers in heaps of limited edition merchandise dedicated to the delicate pink flower so you can literally taste the season too.

For diehard sakura-lovers, here’s a list of cherry blossom-themed products over the years you might find on your upcoming trip to Japan!
  • Asahi Cherry Blossom Beers

    Asahi Cherry Blossom BeersAsahi Cherry Blossom Beers

    Japanese beer brand Asahi rolled out a vibrant pink packaging for a refreshing take on everyone’s favorite beer. Colorful packaging aside, Asahi also celebrated its 30th anniversary with a vibrant pink Clear Asahi Sakura Beer! We recommend drinking from a frosted beer mug for maximum effect.

  • Sakura Sake

    Sakura SakeSakura Sake

    These bottles of cherry blossom sake are almost too beautiful to drink. Each bottle comes with a whole sakura flower – perfectly preserved in full bloom.

  • Calbee Sakura Potato Chips

    Calbee Sakura Potato ChipsCalbee Sakura Potato Chips

    We’re not quite sure how these taste but they’re definitely popular! Apart from their fresh potato chips, Calbee stores in Japan are also well-stocked with interesting flavors like cherry blossom flavored purple potato chips and cherry blossom prawn crackers.

  • Starbucks Sakura Latte

    Starbucks Sakura LatteStarbucks Sakura Latte

    In Japan, you can actually get your Starbucks from 7-11! In celebration of the season, Starbucks rolled out a cherry blossom strawberry latte that looks almost as good as it tastes.

  • Sakura Kit Kat

    Sakura Kit KatSakura Kit Kat

    Kit Kat also doesn’t miss out on the fun with unique Spring-themed flavors being pushed out every cherry blossom season. With flavors like Sakura & Roasted Soy Bean, Matcha Sakura, and even Sake, who knows what they’ll come up with this year?

  • Sakura Coca-Cola

    Sakura Coca-ColaSakura Coca-Cola

    We’re guessing this will probably taste like cherry coke but better? The bottle also makes for an attractive souvenir.

  • Lipton Cherry Blossom Tea Bags

     Lipton Cherry Blossom Tea Bags Lipton Cherry Blossom Tea Bags

    Get your hands on some sakura Lipton tea! If a box of 12 isn’t enough for you, you can even by them in sachets containing 100 pieces each.

  • Sakura Taiyaki

    Sakura TaiyakiSakura Taiyaki

    Normal taiyakis are cute, but pink ones are even cuter! These come filled with your typical red bean paste, but some stalls offer unique filling in flavors like chestnut.

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