Guide to Taiwan's most famous temples

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Guide to Taiwan's most famous temples
The Chinese temples in Taipei are among the finest in the world, so it is no surprise that they are very popular destinations with travelers who want to visit Taiwan. There are dozens of temples in Taiwan but here are the most famous and interesting temples you should visit.

  • Longshan Temple

    Longshan TempleLongshan Temple

    Built in the late 18th century, Longshan Temple remains a showcase of southern temple design. The temple is expansive, covering over 10,000 sq meters within its gated walls, so give yourself a few hours to take in the grandeur and admire the minutiae. In addition, let's check out the hall's window lattice for two fish that curl around each other in the shape of the yin and yang symbol.

    Inside the hall, you'll find one of the most stunning plafonds in Taiwan, as well as brackets and beams carved into a veritable smorgasbord of traditional symbols: clouds, dragons, bats, lions, melons, elephants, phoenixes, fish and more.

  • Lotus Pond - Lake of Temples

    Lotus Pond - Lake of TemplesLotus Pond - Lake of Temples

    Lotus Pond is not just famous for its sunset views and beautiful reflections of the surrounding mountains. The twenty temples worshipping different deities situated around the lake also draw many visitors. The most famous four temples are also the most visually striking. Situated inside the belly of the huge beasts, the Dragon & Tiger Towers are memorable places to pray. The nearby Pavilion of the North Pole and Confucius Temple are also popular destinations for locals and visitors alike.

  • Bishan Temple

    Bishan TempleBishan Temple

    Known among locals as the best place for a night view of Taiwan’s capital, Bishan Temple is a great location for a stroll at sunset. Its convenient location in Taipei’s Neihu district makes it a popular destination, especially for those wishing to catch a glimpse of the distant Taipei 101 emerging out of a sea of lights in the distance. This temple is not only a place for worshipping the gods but the beauty of Taipei too.

  • Matsu Temple

    Matsu TempleMatsu Temple

    Located in Tainan, the most 400-year-old temple is home to the Taoist equivalent of Cupid. The temple's current appearance is the result of a restoration in 1922. It was helmed by a master designer from Chaozhou in Southern China who clearly infused it with the modest grace of Chaozhou temples.

  • Wuji Tianyuan Temple

    Wuji Tianyuan TempleWuji Tianyuan Temple

    You would be forgiven for mistaking Tamsui’s Taoist Wuji Tianyuan Temple as being in Japan. But the Yoshino cherry blossoms that flower here in mid-March are renowned around Taiwan too. Aside from being a Taoist temple, this place is something of an ode to Taiwan’s much-loved cherry blossom and an absolute hot-spot for anyone who loves photography.

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