Hoi An by night

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Hoi An by night
Hoi An, one of the most famous towns of Vietnam, is quiet and romantic at night. When the sun sets, the pedestrian-friendly streets of Hoi An turn into a sparkling display of colorful lanterns, as well as folk dance and live music performances.

  • Strolling – visit the ancient town on the lights

    Strolling – visit the ancient town on the lightsStrolling – visit the ancient town on the lights

    Most of Hoi An visitor who travel to Hoi An are eagerly waiting the moment when the lights are turned on. From 3 pm every day, all vehicles are not allowed to be circulated on the main streets of the ancient town, so this time is suitable for you to feel the moment from the gloaming to the night falls.

    Try to start with watching the beautiful sunset from the horizon, all the scenery in a quiet Hoi An, but it is so charming, fanciful in the shimmer of the colorful lanterns. Then, walking around the streets, you will see the atmosphere is completely different with quiet beauty in the sunshine through the human activities or the excitement of the passers by.

  • Play Bai Choi (Bingo game)

    Play Bai Choi (Bingo game)Play Bai Choi (Bingo game)

    Close to the An Hoi Bridge, there is a large courtyard, at 7 pm every evening, it is so bustling with a game of “bai choi”, an interesting folk game.

    The beginning of the game is to listen to the people who stir tube, get a card, sing the folk melody and end it with say the name of the card. To add to the suspense and make the player have to guess, the people chant a pregnant sentence or a sentence which have the card’s name. If that card in your hand, then knock so that the people to bring the card to win and receive the gift.

  • Release a paper lantern and make a wish

    Release a paper lantern and make a wishRelease a paper lantern and make a wish

    After 6:00 p.m, you will see street vendors of all ages starting to sell paper lanterns by the river. A common tradition is to buy these, light them up, and make a wish as you set them afloat on the water. It is thought to bring you luck and happiness. The river twinkles with hundreds of these lanterns floating away into the distance.

  • Drink local beer on riverside

    Drink local beer on riversideDrink local beer on riverside

    Drink beer Hanoi in Hanoi, beer Saigon in Saigon, and beer Hoi An in Hoi An. Local draft beer in Hoi An is incredibly cheap. Buy a pack of tangerine sauce-shimmered squid to eat while drinking beer with your buddies on the river side. What a memorable night! What a simple happiness!

  • Shop at night market

    Shop at night marketShop at night market

    The night market is just across the bridge over the Hoai River, in An Hoi island. This is where you find most dining and drinking venues. The market is full of stalls, stacked high with souvenirs, from clothes, to accessories, shoes, handbags, lacquer wear, lanterns, and jewelry. If you are looking to buy some gifts for your friends back home. There are plenty of street food vendors around too.

  • Take a leisurely river cruise

    Take a leisurely river cruiseTake a leisurely river cruise

    The rivers and canals in and around Hoi An are full of life and color, and what better way to explore this than on a sunset cruise around the Thu Bon River? The tour consists of a five-course meal, juicy cocktails, mellow music, and of course, incredible scenery.

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