How to enjoy your Christmas night in Ha Noi, Vietnam

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How to enjoy your Christmas night in Ha Noi, Vietnam
Christmas is not really a public holiday in Vietnam, but it has been received much recognition from the locals as well as the young. So, if you visit Ha Noi on Christmas, this is 5 places that you can spend your Christmas night there.

  • St. Joseph's Cathedral

    St. Joseph's Cathedral St. Joseph's Cathedral

    Every year, on Christmas Eve, St. Joseph's Cathedral along with other ancient churches in Ha Noi become the most attractive places interest both locals and foreign tourists. In the evening of December 24th, people often flock to St. Joseph's Cathedral at dusk with their beloveds. Being known as a center of Catholic activities in Ha Noi and surrounding areas, St. Joseph's Cathedral is one of the most beautiful-decorated places in the city. Large pine trees are splendidly decorated at the facade. Besides, caves behind the church are ornamented with colorful lights making the Cathedral become more shimmering and beautiful.

    Some young people shared that St. Joseph's Cathedral was always one of the most beautiful and crowded places in Ha Noi on Christmas Eve. After visiting the Cathedral, tourists can take a stroll in nearby streets such as Au Trieu Street, Ly Quoc Su Street, Church Street, Nha Chung Street, etc. for tasting delicious street foods there.

  • Hang Ma Street, Luong Van Can Street

    Hang Ma Street, Luong Van Can StreetHang Ma Street, Luong Van Can Street

    In every festive occasion such as Mid-Autumn, Noel or Tet Holiday, Hang Ma Street becomes more vibrant because of the flow of people gathering there. Hang Ma and Luong Van Can are streets selling ornaments for weddings, therefore, they are always in colorful beauty. At Christmas, these streets are decorated with beautiful and eye-catching ornaments such as Santa Claus, snowflakes, pine trees, etc. When the city lights up, it is also the time Hang Ma Street is aglow in many colors attracting local citizens and travelers visiting. Whether you are Christian or not, you will want to come with your family or friends to travel Hang Ma, see all kinds of items, and buy lovely souvenirs.

  • Hotels dinner buffet

    Hotels dinner buffetHotels dinner buffet

    Christmas is when high-star hotels in Ha Noi offer the most luxury buffet party and hilarious music performance. Standing out among the hotels should be Sofitel Metropole Hanoi where 1001 fairy tales are reproduced in one night in its La Beaulieu and Spices Garden restaurant. Artists wearing Aladdin, Snow White or Peter Pan costume will entertain you with special art shows while tasting excellent international foods. The price is USD 75 for an adult, USD 46 for children aging 9-12 and USD 33 for kid from 3-8.
    With a lower price range, from USD 20-40, tourists can still enjoy a luxury Christmas night at Hilton Hanoi Opera, Melia Hanoi or Hanoi Daewoo.

  • Music shows and parties

    Music shows and partiesMusic shows and parties

    On Christmas Eve or the night before, there are usually a lot of fantastic music shows of various genres such as pop-ballad, jazz or classic occurring in Ha Noi, particularly in Hanoi Opera House. The themes of those shows are no doubt about Christmas.

    In addition, international organizations and universities and embassies regularly organize Christmas parties to welcome their native civilians and people with the same interest to join and cheer up for the night.

  • Royal city

    Royal cityRoyal city

    Similar to Times City, Royal City is beautifully and splendidly decorated. Unlike previous years, an inscription “Merry Christmas” in Royal City this year is added with a red bow and lovely angles. This commercial center welcomes Noel with a very big pine tree. Last year, Royal City had the biggest pine tree in Vietnam with the height of 32.5 meters and the weight of 5 tons. It was decorated with nearly 100,000 LED lights.

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