Ideal places to go camping in Bali, Indonesia

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Ideal places to go camping in Bali, Indonesia
The list of luxurious hotels and resorts in Bali is endless. But to truly experience the island’s magic, why not set up camp and sleep under the brilliant starry night sky? From stunning beaches to gorgeous mountains, below are the best places to camp in Bali.

  • Baliwoso Camp

    Baliwoso CampBaliwoso Camp

    This ecotourism camp has the whole package, with stunning views, fun activities, education, and the opportunity to contribute to the local community in a number of ways. Located in Pengotan Village, Bangli Regency, the camp was specifically developed to conserve nature and culture by incorporating sustainable benefits to the locals through tourism. The camp keeps gaining popularity for its creativity in entertaining and educating the guests in culture, gardening, and sustainable lifestyle. One of the favorite things to do here is to adopt and plant your own tree.

  • Gunung Agung

    Gunung AgungGunung Agung

    You may have seen a lot of sights in Bali but the view from the heights is almost entirely different. One fun and relaxing way to achieve this is to hike and set up a camp on Gunung Agung to watch the evening and morning views of the island. The volcano has two camp sites on opposite sides of the mountain, each about halfway to the mountain’s peak. The local people of Bali consider Gunung Agung to be a holy mountain, so hiking with a tour guide or local is advised.

  • Gunung Abang

    Gunung AbangGunung Abang

    If you’re feeling adventurous but not sure whether you have the skill and energy to climb up a mountain to camp, Gunung Abang could be the perfect choice. Despite being one of Bali’s highest volcanoes, tourists can reach the summit in less than three hours owing to the straightforward and convenient path. There’s a temple at the mountain’s peak with a little space that’s perfect to set up camp, here you’ll be greeted by a wonderful view from the heights and cool breezes whispering in the nearby trees.

  • Nyang Nyang Beach

    Nyang Nyang BeachNyang Nyang Beach

    This remote, secluded beach is perfect for a peaceful camping getaway, where you can connect with nature, listen to the sound of waves, plunge into the clear water, and bask in the brilliant sunlight. After pitching your tent, take a good long walk along the clean and tranquil coastline or gather wood for a bonfire, before enjoying the sunset. Be sure to set up camp a sensible distance from the sea and factor in the high tide before marking your spot!

  • Danau Buyan

    Danau BuyanDanau Buyan

    This lake is super popular and has a vast campsite, often packed with eager campers. Despite the popularity there’s a lovely calm atmosphere here, so the campsite and its surroundings are still an excellent place to get away from busy city life. The campsite in Danau Buyan is a good choice if fancy having a relaxing time without the hassle of gathering firewood or even cooking, as you can buy wood and food on site.

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