Island hopping in Ha Long Bay

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Island hopping in Ha Long Bay
This bay is famous for being One of The New 7 Wonders of Nature and you should visit to witness the marvelous beauty of nature. Let’s take a cruise, go kayaking, explore the national park and party on the beach.

  • Where is Ha Long Bay?

    Where is Ha Long Bay?Where is Ha Long Bay?

    Ha Long Bay is a spectacular work of mother nature located in Quang Ninh province. The bay is home to thousands of limestone karsts and small islets in different shapes and sizes.

  • Best time to travel

    Best time to travelBest time to travel

    Due to the weather in Vietnam, you should visit Ha Long Bay in September, October, April or May. The weather might be a little bit hot but it is not a problem when you are about to jump into the blue ocean to swim.

  • Bo Hon Island

    Bo Hon IslandBo Hon Island

    At the heart of Ha Long Bay is Bo Hon Island. This is where you can find many famous caves, each of which has their own legendary stories for you to discover. Your boat will go past many beautiful green limestone karsts before reaching this island. The vertical cliffs of the surrounding landscape will surely astonish you. And most importantly, Bu Xam Islet located on the south side of Bo Hon is a wild place for those who are seeking an idyllic place to chill and listen to the choruses of songbirds and the chatter of monkeys.

  • Soi Sim Island

    Soi Sim Island Soi Sim Island

    Soi Sim Island is a great escape for those who don’t want to be surrounded by too many tourists. As tourism has yet to develop on this island, Soi Sim still retains all the pristine beauty that mother nature gifted it. Come to Soi Sim Island to have a lazy day, doing nothing but sunbathing on the sandy beach, falling asleep and dreaming of being lost on an island. Actually, it won’t be a dream! In addition, there is a trail that leads to the top of the mountain, where you can follow the stairs for a great view of the green limestone karsts and blue ocean.

  • Ngoc Vung Island

    Ngoc Vung IslandNgoc Vung Island

    This area has not yet been touched by tourism so you can explore something natural and undisturbed. What makes this island special is that it even has a fresh-water lake, and the locals who live here can even grow a paddy field of rice! The big waves also bring big jellyfish to the seashore. People then will catch them to make tasty dishes, which you should try, for example, jellyfish salad. This island is also one of the few islands where you are allowed to spend the night. A trip to Ngoc Vung is going to be one of the most unforgettable memories you make.

  • Cat Ba Island

    Cat Ba IslandCat Ba Island

    Known as the largest mainland island of Ha Long Bay, Cat Ba Island is a great option for sightseeing. The central hub of Cat Ba Town is now framed by a chain of low-rise concrete hotels along its once-lovely bay, but the rest of the island is largely untouched and as wild as ever.

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