Must-visit destinations in Phu Yen, Vietnam

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Must-visit destinations in Phu Yen, Vietnam
Summer is coming! You must be really excited and eager to go on some amazing trips, explore new lands and experience interesting things.

The “Nau” land – Phu Yen in the central part of Vietnam which is filled with sun and wind and vast blue sea could be an ideal option for tourists to revel in the energetic, refreshing and joyful summer with pleasing attractions.
  • Da Dia Reef (Ghenh Da Dia)

    Da Dia Reef (Ghenh Da Dia)Da Dia Reef (Ghenh Da Dia)

    In the top five places to visit Phu Yen, Da Dia Reef located in Tuy An District is possibly taken into account as one of the magnificent natural wonders of the Vietnam’s middle. It is difficult to imagine how beautiful it is if there is no picture to demonstrate.

    Upon being described as a rocky plate reef stretching over 200 meters, it is impressively formed by numerous basalt columns. More amazingly than that, the reef is designated as a national heritage site in 1998. Another reason it has become a must-visit travel destination of Phu Yen is its whole scenery which looks like a huge beehive springing up from the turquoise water the in front of your eyes, the beauty is also illuminated by clean beaches and peaceful ambience.

  • O Loan Lagoon

    O Loan LagoonO Loan Lagoon

    O Loan Lagoon is about 1,200 ha, with the shape of huge swan opening its wings. You can sit on the boat and admire the fairylike beauty of the nature of the lagoon, especially when the sun comes out and comes down. Besides, you also can enjoy many kinds of sea foods taken from the lagoon such as bloody shells, crabs, shrimps, jelly fish, oysters or seaweed. Especially the bloody shells here are extremely delicious.

  • Dai Lanh Cape

    Dai Lanh CapeDai Lanh Cape

    The final choice in the list of places to visit in Phu Yen is Dai Lanh Cape. Why do people pick it out as their must-visit spot for a Vietnam package tour? It is because the cape is not only breathtaking with the blue water and long white-sand beach, but also blessed with potential features of culture and tourism, which have interested more and more international travelers in the world. With the clean and blue water, they can experience many different water sports at this charming spot.

  • Bai Mon beach

    Bai Mon beachBai Mon beach

    Next to Dai Lanh Cape is a beautiful pristine beach called Bai Mon. Bai Mon beach is protected by Mui Nay cape in the North and Mui Dien cape in the South, with the seashore of over 400 meters long, characterized by white and smooth sand, blue and clear water as well as gentle waves.

    Especially, Bai Mon has a small fresh water spring, lying behind cliffs and the old-growth forest North Deo Ca, creating an outstanding landscape.

  • Vung Ro Bay

    Vung Ro BayVung Ro Bay

    Vung Ro is located in Hoa Xuan Nam commune, Dong Hoa district, surrounded by Đeo Ca, Đa Bia and Hon Ba mountains from the north, the east and the west respectively. It also used to a very important place on legendary Ho Chi Minh trial on South China Sea in Vietnam War. Vung Ro has 12 small beaches, each of them hold their own beauty with pure white sand and fresh blue water which is perfect for entertaining and relaxed activities such as swimming, fishing, diving for coral reef sightseeing, etc.

    You also can hire a fishing ship from local fishermen to exploring the immense sea or discover Da Bia Mountain.

  • Nhan Mountain

    Nhan Mountain Nhan Mountain

    Nhan Mountain is located between Tuy Hoa Plain and the north of Da Rang River in Tuy Hoa City. Local people call it by the names Nhan Thap Mountain, Bao Thap Mountain or Thap Dinh Mountain. Nhan Mountain is 64 meters above sea level, its range is about 1 km in circumference and it resembles the wide opened wings of the swallow birds. Visitors can have the whole view of Tuy Hoa City in sunshine when they come to the top of Nhan Mountain in the early morning.

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