Must-visit national parks in China

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Must-visit national parks in China
Do you love national parks? You probably know the national parks in your own country, like Yellowstone in the U.S., the Lake District in the U.K., Uluru in Australia, etc. China has national parks too, 225 in total! They cover both scenic and historic preservation areas. Here are the top scenic national parks in China you should not miss.

  • Huangguoshu National Park

    Huangguoshu National ParkHuangguoshu National Park

    Located in Western China, Huangguoshu National Park is home to one of Asia’s largest waterfalls. The park’s namesake, Huangguoshu Waterfall, is approximately 250 meters in height and width. There is a splendid naturally carved cave, hidden behind the falls curtain of water.

    Visitors are free to explore the cave without getting wet. On sunny days, the mist from the waterfall even creates an alluring rainbow set against the lush greenery of the parks backdrop. There are a number of viewing platforms, and walkways situated around the falls, including one that delivers a bird’s eye view of this natural spectacle. Year-round the temperature is a comfortable 16 degrees Celsius which makes this park an appealing attraction regardless of the season.

  • Zhangye Danxia National Park

    Zhangye Danxia National ParkZhangye Danxia National Park

    It has been said that seeing Zhangye Danxia National Park is like visiting another planet. The mountains are not as steep or high as Wudangshan or Huangshan, but they are certainly beautiful. The cliffs are a beautiful orangey-red and yellow stripe in some areas, as though nature used a paintbrush to liven things up a bit.

  • Jiuzhaigou National Park

    Jiuzhaigou National ParkJiuzhaigou National Park

    Jiuzhaigou, the ‘Land of Fairy Tale’, is said to be the most beautiful landscape in Sichuan Province, which was declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992. There are about 108 lakes, 3 famous waterfall groups and a number of endangered plant and animal species that attract millions of travelers to visit every year. Visiting Jiuzhaigou national park, you will not only enjoy the amazing natural sceneries, but also experience the local Tibetan culture. Also the nearby Huanglong Valley is another attraction and is worth visiting together.

  • Potatso National Park

    Potatso National ParkPotatso National Park

    Potatso was the first national park inaugurated in mainland China. It is hailed for its unique ecological makeup which is made up of two lakes, rolling pastures, forests and marsh lands. Wild yaks are seen lazily grazing around the park, as are wild horses. The park is part of the Tibetan plateau, which rests at 3500 meters above sea level.

    For the Tibetan people this area is of high spiritual significance, and many devotees make pilgrimages to the park each year. In fact, in the Tibetan language the name of the park loosely translates ‘to ferry people away from suffering’. In the summer, hundreds of flowers come into bloom, while the fall brings colorful changing leafs to park. Regardless of the season, this park remains picturesque.

  • Mount Sanqingshan National Park

    Mount Sanqingshan National ParkMount Sanqingshan National Park

    The Mount Sanqingshan National Park comprises 23,000 hectares in Jiangxi Province in eastern China, part of the Huyaiyu Mountains. It is a national park, a Geopark and is another UNESCO World Heritage Site that has developed its unique scenery and ecosystem over millions of years.

    The park is full of curiously shaped granite peaks and pillars that appear like the silhouettes of strange beasts against the sky. Mount Sanqing itself is a significant site in Taoism; it is made up of three peaks, the ‘Three Pure Ones’ that signify the Tao Trinity believed to be the origin of all things. Among the rare species to be seen in Mount Sanqingshan are European otters, black muntjac deer, and Chinese ferret badgers.

  • Guilin Lijiang National Park

    Guilin Lijiang National ParkGuilin Lijiang National Park

    Unlike other National Parks, Guilin Lijiang National Park is outdoor and open scenic area with amazing Karst peaks along the Li River and the reflections created by the crystal waters of the river.

    Connecting Guilin to Yangshuo town, the Li River has sceneries everywhere and cruising or hiking around are top activities to experience idyllic and beautiful scene. Along the way you will encounter the most highlights of Elephant Trunk Hill, Peak Forest, Xingping Town, Mural Hill, Green Lotus Peak, etc.

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