Updating on latest travel trends and most popular tourist attractions in Asia.
The 7 most stunning Indian Ocean islands
Located in the tropics, the Indian Ocean is home to numerous gorgeous islands spanning across countries and continents. Here is a select list of 7 magnificent islands in the Eastern part that will leave you bewitched by their beauty.

Top Asian highland destinations for a perfect summer retreat
Far beyond the well-traveled tourist trails of the lowlands, the mountain towns of Southeast Asia offer a travel experience far more rugged and authentic, though you’ll need to travel much further to get there. The effort is worth it, though, most of these highland ...

9 incredibly stunning natural phenomena around Asia
Mankind still strives to solve many of the world’s natural mysterious phenomena, even after roughly 6,000 years of civilization. They come in all forms, each has its own appeal, they all captivate our imaginations and some could be outright terrifying. You can see so ...

The best places to buy silk in Vietnam
Silk was once used as a type of currency in trade and played a big part in Vietnam’s history and economic development. It still plays a prominent role in Vietnamese culture today. Looking to buy some? Here are the best spots.

Explore the coffeeholic paradise, 42 Nguyen Hue apartment
One place in particular has undergone such a metamorphosis since the opening of the pedestrian walkway, Nguyen Hue Walking Street, that it’s now the coolest address on the entire street: the old apartment block at N°42 Nguyen Hue. Local, trendy, and abuzz with ...

How to spend two days exploring Tokyo
There is an endless list of things to see and do in Tokyo. Tokyo is an enticing place, and planning a short 48-hour stay can be a challenge. If you’re here, make sure to take in everything this city has to offer, including traditional Japanese cuisine, historic ...

Try the most unusual experiences in Tokyo
Tokyo’s reputation for the weird and zany is widely known. So there’s no better place than here to get off the beaten path and try something new. Get out there and check out some of the most unusual experiences Tokyo has to offer.

The 10 best hotels in Doha
One of the richest cities in the world, Doha has long been associated with luxury and the finer things in life. With a growing stream of tourists and an appetite for opulence, major brands are clamouring to get a foothold in the city. These hotels in Doha are setting ...

The most beautiful destinations in Armenia
With a spread of scattered ancient monasteries, medieval monuments, quaint historic villages, and breath-taking landscapes, Armenia presents a rather enticing concoction to its travelers.

Top thrilling adventure activities in Kuala Lumpur
There’s a lot more to Malaysia’s capital than shopping and other traditional city pursuits. When life gets a little mundane, take a short break from work or school and get your adrenaline pumping with these action and adventure activities in Kuala Lumpur.

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