November festivals to look forward to in Asia

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November festivals to look forward to in Asia
November typically marks the transition out of monsoon season, bringing drier weather to much of Southeast Asia. Here are a few of the big events that often take place in November.

  • Pushkar Camel Fair in India

    Pushkar Camel Fair in IndiaPushkar Camel Fair in India

    Whether you're into camels or not, the Pushkar Camel Fair attracts a lot of people and animals. It's the busiest but most exciting time to travel in Rajasthan, India's desert state. You'll wear out your camera at this colorful five-day event held sometime in October and November.

  • Loi Krathong in Thailand

    Loi Krathong in ThailandLoi Krathong in Thailand

    Loi Krathong, along with Yi Peng, is one of the most visually mesmerizing festivals in Asia. Thousands of candle-powered lanterns fill the sky along with fireworks while krathongs (small candlelit boats) are floated on rivers. Chiang Mai, or elsewhere in northern Thailand, is the place to be. Dates vary but Loi Krathong is most often observed in November. The festive holiday is a favorite for locals and travelers alike and so accommodations and transportation will be crowded in Chiang Mai, the epicenter of the festival.

  • Thailand Full Moon Party

    Thailand Full Moon PartyThailand Full Moon Party

    The monthly party held at Haad Rin on the island of Koh Phangan is a legend. Don't go near the event unless you're willing to join the all-night dancing fun. Parties aren't always on the exact night of the full moon because of many Buddhist holidays that coincide, so check Full Moon Party dates before you go.

  • International Film Festival in Goa, India

    International Film Festival in Goa, IndiaInternational Film Festival in Goa, India

    This annual event is sometimes in November or December. The festival is one of the most significant film festivals in Asia.

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