One day in Varanasi, India

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One day in Varanasi, India
Colourful and spiritual are the two best words to describe the charm of Varanasi. This Indian travel destination is famous for its bathing Ghats that line River Ganges. Considered to be one of the holiest places around the world, it is visited by millions of Hindus and travelers each year.

  • Boat Ride in Ganges River

    Boat Ride in Ganges RiverBoat Ride in Ganges River

    The holy Ganges River supplies Varanasi with a spiritual charm with rowing boat rides during the dawn is perhaps one of the best things to do in Varanasi. The ride along Ganges River is few of the experiences of Varanasi you shall cherish for a lifetime. It takes one through different Ghats and former palaces situated close to the banks of Ganges, giving a panoramic view of this River and the region.

    The best time to enjoy boat ride of the Ganges River is the dawn hour as well as the dusk hour. Early morning from 5:30 AM to 8 AM is a good way to see the sun rise and the city engulf you in its charm. A sunset boat ride especially during the aarti is also spectacular.

  • Eat Apple Pie in Vatika Cafe

    Eat Apple Pie in Vatika CafeEat Apple Pie in Vatika Cafe

    A lot of people come to Varanasi to experience spirituality and find the meaning of life. One foolproof way to finding happiness, though, is eating an apple pie at Vatika café overlooking the river Ganga. As you bite into the hot piece of pie while a cool breeze softly brushes your face, life will make more sense!

  • Find out Evening Aarti Ceremony at Ganges River

    Find out Evening Aarti Ceremony at Ganges RiverFind out Evening Aarti Ceremony at Ganges River

    When we talk about things to do in Varanasi, the evening arti does feature as one of the top activities when you are visiting Varanasi. The Evening Aarti Ceremony at Ganges River in Varanasi is undoubtedly a sight you shall cherish for a long time. The surreal ceremony must be viewed from the Dasawamedh Ghat. Witness the beautiful rituals unfold themselves in front of your eyes and spellbind you. Brass lamps of large sizes of almost 4.5 kgs are used during the spiritual greeting. Chants, aromas of flowers and incense creates a heavenly blessing.

    The dusk sky shines with radiance of divine. The Arti ceremony is performed every evening 45 minute ritual is held at 6: 45 PM.

  • Explore Varanasi Temples

    Explore Varanasi TemplesExplore Varanasi Temples

    Best known for its Ghats and Temples, a visit to Varanasi is incomplete without the best temples of this city. There is one on almost every road and road crossing in Varanasi. While the small temples are used for daily local prayers and rituals, larger ones are associated with Hindu history and mythology. These places of worships are regularly visited by travelers in large numbers. They also reflect the architecture in India.

    The most popular temple here is the Kashi Vishwanath Temple. Also called the Golden Temple, this place of interest was built in 1780 by Queen Ahilyabai Holker of Indore. The Vishwanath or the Jyotirlinga of Lord Shiva is enshrined in here. The place of worship is also popular because Sikh Maharaja Ranjit Singh donated huge amounts of gold. Using the same gold, two domes of temples were constructed.

  • Go for a sightseeing tour of Sarnath

    Go for a sightseeing tour of SarnathGo for a sightseeing tour of Sarnath

    Just a few kilometres away from Varanasi, is the sleepy village of Singhpur. While Varanasi is a Hindu religious centre, Singhpur’s Sarnath is a Buddhist centre of religion. Visit to this village, which is known for its Buddhist monuments, is one of the best things to do in Varanasi and nearby areas. Sarnath is also referred to a deer park, which is the place where Gautama Buddha first came and taught about the concept of Dharma.

    This is where Buddhist Sangha received enlightenment. It is located in Singhpur, known as the birthplace of Shreyansanath, the eleventh Tirthankara in Jainism. Sarnath is certainly one of the best places near Varanasi, especially for those who are keen to learn more about history and religion in India.

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