Places to visit in Meguro, Tokyo

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Places to visit in Meguro, Tokyo
Tokyo’s Meguro ward is home to the hip Naka-Meguro and Yutenji neighborhoods, as well as the laidback shopping area of Jiyugaoka. Here are the top things to do and see in Meguro.

  • Meguro Sky Garden

    Meguro Sky GardenMeguro Sky Garden

    This beautiful area in Meguro is sort of a hidden gem. It's a loop-shaped garden on top of a highway intersection. The garden opened in 2013 and was awarded the Good Design Award that same year by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion.

  • Ryusenji (Meguro Fudo)

    Ryusenji (Meguro Fudo)Ryusenji (Meguro Fudo)

    On Rysenji’s grounds, the famous Meguro Fudo-myo-o (Black Eyed Fudo-Myo-o) statue stands guard, and it’s from this sentinel that the ward takes its name. This was one of five such statues placed protectively around Edo’s borders nearly 400 years ago, each with eyes of a different color. Fudo Myo-o is a revered guardian deity of the Buddhist faith.

  • Maeda House

    Maeda HouseMaeda House

    The Maeda House is a historic site in Komaba Park. It comprises two homes, a large Western-style mansion and an Eastern Japanese home, both nearly one hundred years old. They once belonged to the Maeda family, rulers of what is now Ishikawa Prefecture.

  • Yutenji


    Yutenji is an up and coming neighborhood in Meguro ward. It’s named after the Buddhist temple of the same name located east of the neighborhood.

  • Jiyugaoka


    Jiyugaoka is a popular shopping district known for its zakka stores and cozy cafes. Although it’s far from central Tokyo, Jiyugaoka is a popular destination on weekend afternoons.

  • Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography

    Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of PhotographyTokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography

    The Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, also known as the Tokyo Photographic Museum, is the largest photography focused art museum in the city. A must for fans of the artistic medium, it’s located near Ebisu on the border of the Shibuya and Meguro Wards.

  • Otori-jinja


    There are many temples to discover in chic Meguro, Otori-jinja is another one of them. This temple is famous for having festivals in September where you can see many people gathering and trying a lot of delicious Japanese street food.

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