Reasons why you need to visit Ipod, Malaysia

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Reasons why you need to visit Ipod, Malaysia
Offering a mixture of colonial and traditional charm, limestone cliffs and a series of cave temples, Ipoh boasts plenty of sights and activities to keep visitors busy. Now is the best time to visit before the city gets overrun with tourists.

  • Mural’s Art Lane

    Mural’s Art LaneMural’s Art Lane

    The walls along Mural’s Art Lane, a small alley on the eastern side of the River Kinta, are decorated with colourful murals. Sharing similarities to Penang’s famous street art, the images detail scenes from local family life, regional customs and traditions, while others show interesting scenes from the city’s past. The stairwell inside Wisma Chye Hin is covered in street art and graffiti too.

  • Malaysia’s oldest cave art

    Malaysia’s oldest cave artMalaysia’s oldest cave art

    Among the top reasons to visit Ipoh is the chance to see some of the country’s oldest Neolithic cave paintings. Nearby Tambun Cave has hundreds of reddish-orange shapes and images covering the limestone rock face. Estimates suggest they date back between 2000 and 5000 years. Look closely and see pictures of humans, fruit and shapes. But apart from a handful of locals, few know about this incredible historical canvas on their doorstep. Follow the road towards Tambun and stop at the Caltex Petrol Station. Walk along the small lane near the fields. Cross the bridge and follow the signs to Tambun Cave Paintings.

  • A gateway to the Cameron Highlands

    A gateway to the Cameron HighlandsA gateway to the Cameron Highlands

    Located in Pahang State, the Cameron Highlands have been a favorite retreat since colonial days. The British established Malaysia’s highest Hill Station and used the fertile land for tea plantations. Apart from enjoying the cooler climate, visitors can tour the plantations, go hiking and escape the stifling heat of the lowlands. Ipoh acts as a gateway to reach Cameron Highlands offering a convenient side trip.

  • Malaysia’s best food

    Malaysia’s best foodMalaysia’s best food

    Few outsiders are aware of one of the top reasons to visit Ipoh: the food. According to Lonely Planet, Ipoh is the ‘lesser-known food capital’ in Malaysia. With food courts, local restaurants and hawker stalls serving the same recipes for decades, any foodie is sure to have a divine culinary experience. Try the bean sprout chicken, gai si hor fun (shredded chicken noodles) and the regional favourite Ipoh White Coffee.

  • Ipoh State Mosque

    Ipoh State MosqueIpoh State Mosque

    Ipoh State Mosque, or Sultan Idris Shah II Mosque by its official name, opened in 1968. Named after the then sultan, the religious landmark opposite the Railway Station has become a symbol of the city. The white-washed two-storied mosque with a modern style of Islamic architecture has 44 domes and a 38 metre- (125 feet-) tall minaret. Tiny mosaic tiles decorate this must-visit attraction in Ipoh that glistens under the sun. Inside Ipoh’s largest mosque, there’s a library, conference centre and open space that often doubles-up as a wedding venue.

  • Sam Poh Tong Temple

    Sam Poh Tong TempleSam Poh Tong Temple

    Sam Poh Tong Temple, located approximately 5 kilometres (3.1 miles) southeast of Ipoh’s old town, is one of Malaysia’s largest cave temples. Traditional Chinese elements cover the exterior and entrance to the exotic caverns inside. Bronze statues fill the interior against the fog of burning incense interspersed between the stalactites and stalagmites. According to legend, a Chinese monk discovered the cave in the late 19th century.

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