See fall foliage and cherry blossoms at the same time in Japan

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See fall foliage and cherry blossoms at the same time in Japan
Japan is a country blessed with four seasons, but when you see the absolutely stunning scenery in the town of Obara in Aichi Prefecture during the fall, you might agree that they do have a point.

In Japan, the season of sakura (or cherry blossom) is usually late-March through early-April. In Obara, however, the sakura bloom twice a year. In Japanese, these special sakura are called shikizakura, which translates to "four season sakura" in English are called winter cherry blossoms.
  • Best time to view

    Best time to viewBest time to view

    The flowers begin to blossom at the end of October and are at their peak from mid-November through early December. The peak period varies somewhat from year to year. The small five-petaled blossoms are thought to indicate a cross between the mamezakura and edohigan species of cherry trees.

  • The best place to view

    The best place to viewThe best place to view

    If you are lucky enough to be in Japan's Chubu region during this blooming period, Achi Prefecture is a destination you should not miss. Located just a few hours away from Tokyo, this prefecture is home to one of Japan's most fascinating autumn event - the Obara Shikizakura Festival.

  • Where can you see the Obara Shikizakura Festival?

    Where can you see the Obara Shikizakura Festival?Where can you see the Obara Shikizakura Festival?

    The Obara Shikizakura Festival is held every year at Fureai Park, Aichi Prefecture's prime destination for viewing the blooming flowers and autumn foliage. At Fureai Park, you can experience the breathtaking view of the park’s 300 shikizakura trees along its serene walking paths. As part of the festival, there will be taiko drum performances, haiku competitions, food stalls, and other events throughout the park.

  • What to eat in Obara and Aichi Prefecture?

    What to eat in Obara and Aichi Prefecture?What to eat in Obara and Aichi Prefecture?

    During the festival, grab yourself a goheimochi – toasted mochi on a stick dipped with sweet red-colored hatcho miso – which is available at stands everywhere, and is popular in the mountain area of Toyota City.

    While miso is used throughout Japan, Aichi Prefecture is famous for its hatcho miso, which is famous throughout the country for its reddish brown colour and rich and bold flavour that makes it the perfect base for sauces, soups, and broths. On the other hand, numerous local specialties feature hatcho miso, including hitsumabushi (chopped red miso-flavored eel over rice), miso katsu (fried breaded pork dipped with red miso sauce), and misonikomi udon (thick wheat flour noodles in red miso-flavored broth) is also worth tasting a little bit.

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