Sightseeing tips for Phu Quoc

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Sightseeing tips for Phu Quoc
Phu Quoc is the largest island in Vietnam and offers a lot of interesting attractions to see during your holiday. The sights of Phu Quoc are really diverse and ranging from beautiful beaches and temples to fascinating markets.

  • Ganh Dau (Dau Cape)

    Ganh Dau (Dau Cape)Ganh Dau (Dau Cape)

    Ganh Dau is located at the northwestern tip of Phu Quoc. Actually, there are only a few rocks and some fishermen waiting for their next catch. However, if you climb a little bit over the rocks, you can enjoy a fantastic view of the ocean and Cambodia in the distance.

    That’s because Phu Quoc is located closer to Cambodia than to the mainland of Vietnam. It’s definitely one of the highlights of the island, which you should visit during a scooter tour around Phu Quoc for example.

  • Suoi Tranh (Tranh Waterfall)

    Suoi Tranh (Tranh Waterfall)Suoi Tranh (Tranh Waterfall)

    The Suoi Tranh waterfall is one of the two largest waterfalls of Phu Quoc. It is located on the road between Ham Ninh and Duong Dong. It’s best to visit the waterfall from May to September as it carries the most water during this time of the year. But even during the off-season, it’s still worth a visit.

    At weekend, it can get really busy because many locals take a trip to the waterfall. The area and the park in front of the waterfall are well maintained and really nice to linger and take a walk around.

    To reach the waterfall you will have to go a little bit deeper into the forest. After approximately 15 minutes you will arrive at the quite small waterfall. Before that, there are several natural pools where you can swim in the ice-cold water or just sit down for a picnic.

  • Dinh Cau Temple

    Dinh Cau TempleDinh Cau Temple

    The Dinh Cau waterfront temple is located a few meters away from the night market. It is a small Chinese temple, which is built on some rocks. There isn’t an entrance fee and you can see some shrines inside and enjoy the great view at the Long Beach and the harbor of Duong Dong.

  • Sunset at the Long Beach

    Sunset at the Long BeachSunset at the Long Beach

    Bai Truong is the largest beach of Phu Quoc and therefore it’s often called Long Beach. It is still not too crowded at the beach and at the same time it’s the beach with the most resorts and beach bars on the island.

    The Long Beach is located on the west coast of Phu Quoc and a perfect spot to watch the sunset. Like everywhere in Southeast Asia, the sun sets pretty quick and you should arrive early if you want to have a nice spot in one of the beach bars.

    Around 6:00 PM the sun goes down and you should at least be at the beach by 5:00 PM It’s worth because the sunsets on Phu Quoc are mostly really beautiful.

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